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Week 11 DI - 8th Grade VERBALS

Teaching verbals (gerunds, infinitives, participles).

DelRae Holt

on 22 October 2018

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Transcript of Week 11 DI - 8th Grade VERBALS

gerunds, infinitives, participles
Grammar time!
Ends in -ing
A verb form that behaves like a NOUN, ADJECTIVE, or ADVERB.
it's not as bad as it sounds
Acts as a noun
Gaming can be beneficial.
(Gaming is a noun here. It is normally used as a verb.)
w00t, gerunds!
Week 14 DI
8th Grade

Usually begins with the word 'to.'
This presentation was created to help you learn.
'to help' is a noun here, because it is
the object of the verb 'was created.'
There are 2 kinds of participles:

His wrecked car required a tow truck.
Always end in -ing
Participles act like adjectives.
The slithering snake terrified me.
(here 'slithering' acts as an adjective)
Which snake?
The slithering one!
All regular verbs end in -ed.
Irregular verbs will have ending that vary
('wrecked' acts like an adjective here, to describe the car)
Grammar handout:
Participles Exercise A
Underline each participle.
There may be more than one in a sentence.
There are 25 total.
Write "pres." or "past" for EACH (all 25) participle.
Gerunds Exercise B
Circle each gerund.
There is only one in each sentence
Infinitives Exercise C
Circle each infinitive (begins with "to")
There is only one in each sentence
This week in Language Arts:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer chapters 27-31
Grammar handout
- Skills
- Supporting Details
- Introductions
- Conclusions
- Poetic Structure (Week 15)
- Blast Transitions (with 2 peer reviews)
- Write your Literary Analysis Essay (5 paragraphs due Tuesday, November 22)
- review the essays of two peers
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