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Association of Regina REALTORS®

No description

Brittney Rieger

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Association of Regina REALTORS®

Association of Regina REALTORS®
Trust and credibility
Bylaws, Rules and system of government
Why is the Association of Regina REALTORS® so successful
Economic Impact
of Real Estate
in Canada
Bylaws: strict code of conduct all REALTORS® must follow
MLS® Rules
Board of Directors/Committees

System of Government
What Does the Association of Regina REALTORS® do?
What is the Association of Regina REALTORS®?
Monitor the REALTORS® of Regina and surrounding area
Hold REALTORS® to specific educational and professional requirements
Provide services to REALTORS® (members)
REALTOR® vs. Real Estate Agent
trademark signifying high professional standards and qualifications

Real Estate Agents:
Practice real estate without boundaries or guidelines.

Membership Services
Access to the Multiple Listings Service® (MLS®)
Keys and lockboxes
Compliance and support
What are Lockboxes?
Online service providing listing details of properties for sale
Contains historical property information
Multiple Listing Service®
REALTORS® use MLS® for:
Available properties for buyers
List properties for Sellers
Appraising properties
Board of Directors
An elected group of REALTORS®
Form committees
Bypass all decisions on behalf of the real estate community
$22.5 billion per year of spending has been generated over the 2010-2012 period
Estimated 176,420 jobs per year were supported
Canadian REALTORS®
35,000 - 45,000 sales monthly
Competitors Statistics
To date, a total of 169,235 properties have been sold through the ComFree network
Allow REALTORS® access to keys for houses
Secure, safe and reliable
Efficient and organized way to show houses
Qualifications of a REALTORS®
Must complete 3 phases of education

Ongoing educational classes

Screening process before license is granted
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