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Ponyboy's Parents

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Ponyboy's Parents

Something alike from Ponyboy and I. Is we both try to be a good student and work our hardest. He is a good writer I don't think I am but I like to express how I really feel.
Ponyboy & I
Ponyboy lost his parents and is left with his brother Dally and Sodapop. His parents died in a car crash.
Ponyboy's Parents
Unlike Ponyboy I have my parents. They aren't together anymore but Im glad I have both of them in my life. :)
My Parent's
Ponyboy gets in trouble and just breaks the rules. He dosen't do bad stuff he tries to get out of it. Or Dally would get mad.
Ponyboy In trouble
I usually don't try to get in to trouble. Like I don't do everything how every one want it. But getting in trouble once in a while isn't bad
Me in trouble
One thing thats similar is that we have our buddies. We will always stick together through thick & thin.
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