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Program Development

Program Development Funnel

Huan Do

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Program Development

Program Development

Program Planning, Hand-off Points, and a System of Support during Implementation
Where Does the
Curriculum Live?
Brainstorm Team
Criteria for Program Consideration

SIT serves as the initial brainstorm team.

Smaller development group takes the idea further to make recommendations.

SIT makes the "Go", "No Go", or "Go Later"

Ideas for new programs and curriculum come from multiple sources - b.g., SIT members, center staff, etc...

What are the criteria for the program before making a decision to move forward?

What are the key elements to consider?

- Is it in the Community Needs Assessment (CNA)/ Strategic Plan?

- Impact jobs, further education, higher wages, and skills attainment.


- Individuals, communities, and employers
Will the program be center-specific vs. multi-center?
Do we have the appropriate funding for the program?
Center Infrastructure exists to support the program?
Do we have the personnel to support and sustain the program?

Curriculum resides with the program
development managers who will either
develop curriculum directly or manage a
contractor depending on the need.

In-house Staff - Release Time

Contract work needs to be justified.

Formatting of curricula and publication
can be contracted out.

Operations Team
Development Team
Director of Planning and Program Development
Assigned Program Development Manager
Director of JTE Sites
Center Manager

Brainstorm Team
SIT makes the "GO" decision.

SIT decides where the new program gets
housed based on development team

Marketing - Selling the Project

Development - $ for the program

Community Relations - Explore partnerships, CBOs, and businesses to help the program grow.

Brainstorm Team

SIT makes the "No Go" decision.

Brainstorm Team
SIT makes the "GO LATER" decision
One or more of the Funnel Criteria are lacking and need to be developed.
Perhaps the timing does not currently fit the strategic plan.

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