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Water Hypoxia on Long Island

No description

Julia Searby

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Water Hypoxia on Long Island

Water Hypoxia on Long Island by Julia, Jack, and Steven What causes Water Hypoxia? ***Our source is the interview

will be continued... It can cause species of fish to leave the area
It can kill slow moving or immobile species that are not able to leave the area
It can cause species like lobsters not be able to defend themselves from diseases What is water hypoxia? Water Hypoxia is a lack of oxygen in water. It is when there is less than 3 milligrams of oxygen per liter in water. What are some effects of Water Hypoxia on species? Excess of nitrogen increases phytoplankton growth. When they die, their decomposition uses up oxygen
Hot summer air decreases the amount of oxygen dissolved in water Water hypoxia has a connection to boom and bust growth curve. Water runoff is depositing excess amounts of nitrogen into the water. This causes the algae to grow rapidly. Eventually there is too many plants and not enough resources. The algae dies out, and the decomposers come. The decomposers break down the dead plant matter and use up oxygen in this process. This is a continuing cycle. The human relationship to water hypoxia is that some sewage treatment centers are releasing waste into the sound. Also plant fertilizers contain large amounts of nitrogen, which contributes to the deprivation of oxygen in the water. When this is released into the sound by runoff water, there can be dangerous results. Glossary
Water Hypoxia- a lack of oxygen in water
Anoxia- the absence of oxygen
Stratification- the act or process or arranging persons into social strata
Pycnocline- A layer in an ocean or other body of water in which water density increases rapidly with depth.
Sediment- matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid
Eutrophication- the process by which a successive supply of nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen stimulates the growth of algae, whose following death produces organic decay.
Oxygenated- to supply with oxygen
"Dead Zone"- an area of the ocean that is depleted of oxygen, frequently due to pollution.
Flux- the movement of nutrients among pools or reservoirs in a nutrient cycle.
Run off- the water from precipitation that runs into streams lakes, ponds, and eventually into the ocean. thank you for watching!
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