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No description

Laura Cody

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of THE CITY OF EMBER

Jeanne DuPrau
By Jeremiah snow
In the city of Ember the city is under ground so the only light is coming from lamp post of the city. but they are really old so they are not in the best of shape so some times the lights go out for a little bit so it is pitch black in there. The food is running out so they don't have food like peaches, pineapple or apple sauce. They have bin there for over 200 years. but the builders left the a box with directions on the way out. But a little girl finds it first and choose up the instructions for the way out.
Lina Mayfleet tries to put it back together but she has a hard time with it so she gets help from others like Doon Harrow. After studding the the paper they finally come up with some answers.When he has to go home he stays up for awhile even after the lights go out. At the pipe works(were doon works) he go all a round the place and finds a door with the mayor in it hording all the food and supplies of Ember. So Doon and Lina try to tell the guards but they would not tell the people. Instead they put warning of them.
Lina Mayfleet
Doon harrow
Poppy Mayfleet
After all of that they finely find the way out. But right now the are wanted for the stuff the said about the mayor so they have to find there way thought the city with out being seen. Will they find there way out or will the guards get them? read the book to find out.
on the edge of your seat
don't want to put the book down
This book is a adventure book.
I would recommend this book to ages 11 and up.
1. The trouble with anger is, it gets hold of you. And then you aren't yourself anymore. Anger is.
2. A person who thought he knew every thing simply didn't understand all there is yo know.
3. People find t
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