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European Theater

No description

Melissa Harvey

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of European Theater

Battle of the Bulge
Hitler's plan was to burst through Allied lines in the wooded Ardennes region of Belgium.

Patton's 3rd Army forced the Germans to withdraw by mid-January.

This was the Germans last offensive.
Normandy Invasion
Code name: Operation Overlord
Eisenhower directed the invasion of France.
Bradley led the allies to hold the entire 59 mile section of beach.
This is the turning point for the European Theater.

Battle of Stalingrad
June 1942, Axis troops moved into Soviet territory. (Hitler thought he would be able to crush the USSR)

Both sides were told to fight to the death by leaders. In the end, German soldiers surrendered.

Cost Germany 200,000 troops, Russia millions of soldiers.

Germany retreated and gave up everything they had gained.
European Theater
World War II Foldable
Since Mussolini failed to keep North Africa. Italy's political leaders lost faith in him.

The political leaders decided to restore the king and parliament. Mussolini resigned the next day.

Allies marched north but only gained 1/3 of the Italian peninsula.
Axis Powers:
Allied Powers:
Great Britain-Churchill

North Africa
November 1942, allied forces land in Morocco and Algeria. Led by Dwight D. Eisenhower

1942-1943 George Patton and Omar Bradley led troops into battle. (saw a majority of the action)

Major significance: Taking over North Africa led the allies to successfully invade Europe.
Victory in Europe
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