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No description

John Barlow

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of Origin_TravelPort_v7

We are living in times... The world of travel is constantly Today's traveler one of 7 billion people
on Earth By 2025, they’ll be one of And increasingly likely
to be from are they going? China = No.1 global
destination by 2018 – still the largest
international traveling region The travel industry is is revolutionizing
travel Every day, more android phones
are activated than babies born Average person
checks their mobile a day Last year

photos were taken 375 billion that’s 10% of all photo’s All of
Microsoft =
in revenue Software is Resulting in information Greater volumes... Greater Ever-expanding digital media
means information increase
44x by 2020 there have been... this presentation, Since the start of and
Mobile Web
another 217
new users More searches &
bookings are made on the How is Travelport to all of this? The world is moving Providing informed Through inspiring & unrivalled & locally Globally Equivalent to one for every man, woman and child living in India today Supported by 360 full service 63 low cost carriers & carriers and 346.000 hotels Creating travel content
from anywhere -
available everywhere Enabling a next generation travel
management experience Patented aggregation and Content Plus
delivers unique, unbundled content inspires more
informed results creates a faster, more accurate
search experience Expanded content &
more diverse destinations
offers greater customer choice Service is more
with user-centric
search results We book enough
rooms to fill Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel enough to fill an Airbus
A380 five times We manage over 2300
air passenger movements We process up to
42,000 transactions
a second 2.7 billion a day
730 billion a year Automate processes Connect with customers everywhere
on premise, online, and on the move Create more
experiences Power up your sales pitch
with integrated optional extras Now available on Galileo,
Apollo & Worldspan Industry’s first truly
Universal API, providing
access to a world of content
and functionality through
a single API connection More than
60 Developer Network members
since launching in Nov 2011 Speaking your language Revolutionizing
the next generation
of travel apps Maximizing your
travel expertise Shape the future of travel
by taking the development
journey with us One architecture. Any device
Infinite possibilities. Don't just take
my word for it! “ Sabre and Amadeus, despite
R&D investments, look like old
line companies incrementally and
cautiously inching forward, while
Travelport is acting like a start-up
that is out to chnage the world...” Ready to be Travel. Inspired by Travelport. inspires more
informed results Access & sell content
the way you want Search Consoles Calendars & Maps Translation innovation;
plain & simple Providing informed Through inspiring & unrivalled inspires more
informed results experience Introduce a more Inspiring through an open platform experience Introduce a more experience Introduce a more “ Travelport is in a completely
different place, emphasizing its
next generation marketing, retailing
and distribution platform, and its
ability to provide new ways to
sell more and different content
than was previously in the travel
distribution channel.” Greater Ever-expanding digital media
means information increase
50x by 2020 p - Greater than Brazil,
Russia & India’s
economies combined 9% of global GDP 15,300 new
photos on
Instagram Inspiring through an open platform Inspiring through an open platform
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