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Mayan Religion

Learning about the Mayan Religion

Brady Campbell

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Mayan Religion

Mayan Practices
The Mayan Calender
Main Gods
AhPuch (Yum Cimil)
Hun-Hunahpú (Ah Mun)
Kinich Ahau
These are 4 of the main gods that most Mayan people pray to the most.

Mayan Religion
Religion After the Arrival of the Spanish
Mayan Gods and goddesses
The Mayans worshiped a multitude of gods.
Just like all other polytheistic religions each god or goddess represents a different thing.
The Mayans would pray to these gods in times of need.
by Brady Campbell, Tommy Carver, and TJ Sofia
What Religion do
the Mayans Follow?
Mayan Practices
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For Watching!
The Mayan practiced divination that gathers around their calender
The Mayan worship their gods which involve nature
The Mayans worshiped many nature gods.
There is no real founder of their religion
There is also no definite name to the religion besides for the Mayan Religion
Religious Beliefs/Practices
The Spanish conquered Yucatan in the year 1547
The Spanish converted the Mayans to Roman Catholicism
Present day Mayans practice both Roman Catholicism and Mayan religion
This image shows three of the main Mayan Gods, God of maize, death, and the Sun
This image depicts Itzamná on a Mayan coin, which shows his importance to the Mayans
Follow Divination, which is the practice to foresee the future
365 solar days in a year
A year consists of 18 months with 20 days each
*Mayan calendar ended on December 21, 2012*

Worship of Nature Gods

Rituals of human sacrifice

Building of elaborate temples
The practice of the ability to foresee the future
Main practice in Mayan religion
Human Sacrifice
Way to please Gods and offer them their loyalty
Usually done by extracting the heart quickly
Sacrifices were devoted volunteers, or prisoners of war (young boys, not virgin girls)
Temples and Architecture
Sacred places included ceremonial platforms, pyramids, and temples.
Pyramids could have tombs in them or temples at their peak
Drawings of Gods and religious figures throughout temples
Picture sources

Character picture sources
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