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Miguel ríos

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of GERMANY

germany is the most powerful in europe.
A republic in central europe: after WW2 , it divided in to 4 zones, british, france, U.S.,and soviet in 1994 east germany and west germany reunited
Euro is the term used for the money in Europe the euro is equal to 17.7426631 in pesos , and it is equal to 1.38 dollars
Germany's most history has been from WW2 when the nazis wanted to eliminate all the jews
in Germany the sport most practiced is the soccer, but Germany also has a lot of diversity and people who live there practice all kinds of sports
Special clothing
german clothing reflected legal and social status and for the men it was called lederhosen and for ladies it was called dirdnl
october fest cloething
Catholicism is the religion most practiced in Germany, but also germany has a lot of diversity and has a lot of religions being practiced
maultaschen is a german dish composed by a pasta dough, chopped meat, and vegetables like onion and spinach, the maultaschen is one of germanies most common dish, the germans are also well known for drinking hot beer
germany is a federal parliamentary republic, and federal legislative power is vested in the bundestag (the parliament of germany)
the german national prize for art and science was an awrd created by Adolf Hitler in 1937as a replacement for the nobel prize
Science / Arts
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