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Edgar Perez

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of "quotes"

"There is only one sin and that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft."
- Baba, Page:17

“There is a way to be good again."
-Rahim Khan, Page:2

" You've always been a tourist here, you just didn't know it."
- Farid, Page:232

"Children aren't coloring books. You dont get to fill them with your favorite colors."
-Rahim Khan, Page:21
"Free will and quotes"
"It may be unfair, but what happens in a few days, sometimes even in a single,can change the course of a whole life time..."
-Baba. Page:142

"People say that eyes are windows to the soul."
-Amir, Page:8.

"In the end, the world always wins, thats just the way of things."
-Amir, Page:136

"I opened my mouth, almost said something. Almost. The rest of my life may have turned out differently if i had. But I didn't."
-Amir, Page:73

Fate and Free will video!
Resources/Works Cited
Amir his Fate and Free Will
BY: Edgar Perez and Luis Lopez

Google Images
Sometimes you have to do bad things for the safety of your fate, whether it be for the comfort of yourself or others.(situational leadership)
"All quotes"
No matter how much you love your child whether you are a father or mother you can never change who they really are deep, deep within.
Although Amir's fate has been determined by Allah he is able to endure a hard journey for the safety of his beloved friends' son.

Kabul is a place where the true afghan people live. amir lived pampered throughout his childhood. He will never understand what its like to be from the land so to speak.
Sin is commonly referred to as doing bad deeds.
Baba's perspective on sin is dependent on his religion and his dark past. This in fact wields Amir's fate by predetermining what he will do, what he does, and how he tends to act upon it based on his fathers advice/teachings.
Amir's fate has been sewn basically into a dream because of his life as a rich kid.Amir had all his hearts' desires, yet he took Hassan for granted. The power of friendship is what most people nowadays take for granted today. No matter how many sins Amir committed, he still has an opportunity to be good again.

"Life is full of choices"
-Captain James E, Roger USN

Amir has always been a tourist in his own land. After coming back to Afghanistan, Amir finds himself in an awkward position. He no longer sees what his childhood fantasy used to be. The sight of Kabul intoxicates Amir's feeling into a black hole of dark matter. Now as a wiser and older man he can now visually see the real life of Afghanistan offers.

Fourth Quote:
RA RA kick em' in the knee!
*Please mind the use of words f*ck and Sh*t.(Literature has many words to emphasize key points).
First Quote:
Second Quote:
Third Quote:
Children are not coloring books because every human being is different from one another.
No one can tell you what to do or what you can do its all determined by your actions which then triggers your fate.
Quote One
Amirs Role to Redemption
The ability to have free will is sometimes misused in the hands of the wrong type of person. Therefore what you do is based upon you desire to become something or someone, whether it be intrinsic or extrinsic. This is why in
The Kite Runner
, Amir Jan would've done something to prevent his fate by changing key points in his life. What Amir did in one day got him the girl of his dreams, also known as Soraya, but what he did not do on a different day is step up for Hassan when he need him the most.
Quote two
Indeed Amir! Eyes are widows to the soul. Life is sorely based on what you and your eyes see. No matter the color, shape, or size of the pupil/retina we humans see the world as it is not as we want it to be. What Amir Jan sees is up to him, for his character, personality, and free will are all connected to his God given soul.
Quote three
Although we have the ability to change some things; we can never change ourselves as a whole/personality. The world is a cruel place full of hatred, murder, crime, and blasphemy. There is no respect or tolerance for anyone for his or her property. Amir Jan can do everything and anything to lift the burden of guilt off his chest, yet he will never-ever take full control over it. Fate is undoubtedly stronger than free will. it be a massive force uncontrollable by man.
Quote four
Again what you say can ultimately hurt you! So be very careful."Think before you speak," this phrase is commonly used by adults to instruct children in the hopes of transforming them into respectable American citizens. Amir Jan was a kid when that event took place, so it's not entirely his fault. Sometimes the opportunity to do something with your free will comes round and you miss because of cowardice, lack of integrity, insubordinate tact, and fear of confrontation.
Amir jan is a character from
The Kite Runner
who goes through challenges in which the majority of normal people will never get to experience. In this fantastic book, the juxtaposition of Amir and his half brother hassan enables the reader to connect his or her feelings, inner thoughts, and decisiveness with the two seemingly close together friends. Before watching the following video please take in mind what the power of motivation has to determine ones fate, and how not having inner or external motivation can deteriorate your free will.
We don't have one fate and no choice, we make our own minds to determine what will happen.(Outcomes lead to outcomes). Just like Amir in the Kite Runner his fate was made by him and the choices he made along the way to becoming a man.
How fate affects Amir
How Free Will Affects Amir
Amir's free will has made him a traitor, who abandoned his best friend for the unconditional love of his father. This is what he chose to do.
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