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Caroline Kent

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Intuit

1. Look for the right opportunities to make it easier for our customers to be green.
Intuit Green Snapshot

2. Consider the environment in our decisions.
TurboTax Box

3. Build trust with all stakeholders by increasing transparency and engagement.
Carbon Disclosure Project Three Green Strategies: Social
Responsibility good corporate citizen

individual to company value Intuit Green Goals:
consider environment
engage employees
increase transparency of initiatives
solve problems, build sustainable community Management
Practices Workplace Environment and Employee Benefits "Bring your whole self to work" Intuit recognizes the overlap between professional and personal lives
Encourage people to work efficiently
Offers programs to help employees grow professionally and personally Employees are the most valuable asset
Businesses must be attentive to employees A Happy Staff is a Productive Staff Benefits and Compensation Healthcare
Medical, dental, life insurance coverage
allows eligible employees to contribute
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Receive free, confidential counseling
Life Event Program
provides a free resource and referral service to assist in life's everyday issues Corporate Profile Believe in the power of the individual
Important to empower employees on a personal level Products Traditional Flagship Products "staple of American small business, with a widespread and deep-rooted presence that's second to none" Intuit takes pride in their commitment to providing products and services that revolutionize the way people manage their small business and personal finances. Quicken QuickBooks TurboTax "The Intuit Effect" -Help businesses produce $2.6 trillion annually, almost 1/5 of the U.S. GDP -Save businesses an average of 4 hours per week, which adds up to more than a month's worth of time saved each year -Increase the the profit of small businesses by as much as $13,500 per year Small Business Product Groups Financial Management Solutions
Employee Management Solutions
Payment Solutions
Consumer Tax Solutions
Accounting Professionals Support Providing support for all businesses at all levels of experience Products and Performance Growth and Adaptation Performance Hello Intuit! “We believe in the people who do things - the hat jugglers, the to-do list junkies, the masters of getting it done faster, better and more efficiently than ever before. Whether that's balancing the household budget, running a business or paying taxes. We believe in these people - because we are these people. We thrive on action - and results. And by making things simpler, we all get more out of doing what we love.” Intuit is a software company specializing in finance and tax preparation software for small businesses, accountants, and individuals A Brief History... Founded by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx in 1983
Humble beginnings in the 1980s
Rapid Growth in the early 1990s
Diversification and Expansion in the late 1990s
Continued Success in the 2000s Intuit: It's the People Integrity
Customer service and feedback
Personal Responsibility
Team Work
Social Responsibility Best Companies to Work for:
2006 – 43
2007 – 33
2008 – 43
2009 – 49
2010 – 94
2011 – 44
2012 - 19
Most Admired Computer Software Companies:
2006 - #1
2007 - #1
2008 - #1
2009 - #1
2010 - #3 Fostering Creativity 4 hours of “unstructured time” per week for employees to work on projects of their own
“Idea jams”
Events like the Intuit Talent Show encourage employees to relax around each other while expressing their creative side Rewards for exceptional performance
Including sales commissions, support and customer service incentives and other programs
Peer recognition tool, cash and other rewards
Celebrate milestone employment anniversaries with service awards Rewards and Recognition Paid vacations, personal holidays, sick leave
Parental leave
2 weeks paid
Fitness incentive
Tuition Assistance
Up to 5,000
Product Discounts
Adoption Assistance
Up to 3,500
Other Onsite Services
Dry cleaning, fitness centers, yoga, onsite massages and oil changes
Volunteer opportunities Time Off and Employee Services -Revenue of $4.2 billion for fiscal year ended July 2012
-14% increase in operating income from 2011to 2012 Profit Breakdown for 2012:
-financial management solutions: 17%
-employee management solutions: 12%
-payment solutions: 10%
-consumer tax: 35%
-accounting professionals: 10%
-financial services: 9% Industry Position Intuit Stock Since IPO Intuit through the 2000's Dow Jones Software Index through the 2000's Intuit Important player in software market
Has shown strong growth since initial public offering
Outpaced growth of Dow Jones Software Index
Management style has been positive for company efficiency Social Responsibility addressing social issues as a way to advance economic empowerment Sustainability: "With our success comes the responsibility to give back to the community." Economic empowerment:
Cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit among small businesses in disadvantaged communities
Help nonprofits do more with their resources
Encourage financial literacy among people in need

Education Programs
Poverty Collaborative relationships with targeted nonprofits
deep lasting relationships
Providing resources
software, personnel, expertise, grants
Donation matching
up to $2,000
Employee Volunteer Projects
4 paid days per year
Other donations
food, blood, clothing, school supplies Philanthropy: Intuit Foundation
We Care & Give Back Program
Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation
Intuit Tax Freedom Project Works Cited:










=656332 •“We've adapted our product line, moving from the desktop to the Web and mobile devices. By offering many services online, we're connecting customers to our solutions and with each other in ways that add more value to our products and services.” -Demand force: help small businesses communicate with customers, build online reputation, and utilize online marketing
-QuickBase: create online databases to centralize important date and makes collaboration more efficient
-GoPayment: process credit card payments using a smartphone or tablet device Innovation Process at Intuit
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