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The Prince Machiavelli

No description

Sean Martinez

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of The Prince Machiavelli

The Prince
Niccolò Machiavelli

Critical Points
Drawing of giant crossbow by Leonardo da Vinci circa 1485 to 1487.
Questions About Text
What do you think it means sbout the saying of " It is better to be feared than loved and explain why you need a mixture of the two?
What it means is that to keep people disciplined, you have to be feared. If you are loved a little more than feared, people will not think of as highly of you, which may lead to conflicts. But, if you are too feared, that may also lead to conflicts, so that is why you need a little bit of both.
Why do you believe it can be necessary to not keep your word as a ruler? wouldn't that affect your persona?
As a ruler, our group believes that it can be necessary to not always keep your word because you should want things to go to your way, like a deal or bet. You want things to go to your favor. This would not affect the majority of people to think differently of you as long as you just show good qualities out in public.
Have you seen anyone who has used any of the things that were mentioned in the text? How have they used it?
One big example would be Adolf Hitler. He uses the "it is better to be feared than loved" rule very much throughout his leading life. By being fearful, he got his country under control and in his grasp.
Another person who is very similar, but is still present, is Kim Jong Un, the ruler of the North Korea also uses the same rule, but also definitely does the "Shows good traits" rules in his country because he is constantly praised there.
Do you believe these rules and ideas from "The Prince" a book written from the Renaissance period, apply heavily to the leadership of the 21st century
Do you think that these teachings lean towards more of a dictatorship or Democratic type of government?
What Are the main Points Made in the text?
What should your Classmates know about this Text?
Classmates should know that:
This teaches about how not just to be a good leader, but also a successful one
when being a ruler, it is best that you make sure things go your way
To not be trampled on, you have to be feared to discipline the people who you are leading

What Understandings of Renaissance Life and Culture would be lost if the text was not Preserved?
Without "The Prince", it would have been much more difficult for the people of today to know about how some of the governments and politics worked during the Renaissance.
What is the Text Saying?
When being a ruler, you need to:
Learn the knowledge of the past and present
It is better to be feared than loved
A leader should not always keep his word when it does not go into his advantage
Present a good image of yourself
How Does The Author Make His Point?
Machiavelli says:
"So a prince need not have all the aforementioned good qualities, but it is most essential that appear to have them"
"As for the exercise of the mind, the prince should read the histories of all peoples and ponder on the actions of the wise men therein recorded."
"Since that is difficult, it is much safer to be feared than to be loved, if one must choose. For on general this observation may be made: The are ungrateful, fickle, and deceitful, eager to avoid dangers, and avid for gain."
"Any prince, trusting only in their words and having no other preparations made, will fall to his ruin, for friendships are bought at a price and not by greatness and nobility of soul are paid for indeed, but they are not owned and cannot be called upon in time of need."
What Aspects are Simple?
The way of leading on how it is safer to be either feared than loved because various people can be corrupt
You need to
that you have the five good qualities, piety, loyalty, integrity, humanity, and religion.
What Purpose does the Text Serve?
The purpose of "The Prince" is to act as a ruler and guide to political control and manipulation. In addition, it teaches how to achieve and maintain that economic power while preserving it by acting in certain ways.
What Can be learned about Renaissance Society by present Day Readers?
Rulers during that time wanted to be portrayed as someone who was bold and dauntless
Politicians in this time period wanted things to go their way, so they would go to the extent such as lie to the people to get the results they want
Why Should The Text be Preserved Today?
This text should be preserved today because it has helped many politicians from the upcoming years to this day to lead various parts of the world such as the President of the United States
What Aspects are Challenging to Understand?
Some aspects that are challenging to understand are:
How it is not always necessary to be good and do the right thing to remain in power. You do the wrong thing to get your own personal ways as a ruler.
Why did the Author Decide to produce the Text?
Machiavelli wrote the prince as a guide to political power on how to achieve that certain power and keep it by acting in certain ways.
Machiavelli wrote The Prince in part to provide Lorenzo de’ Medici advice on how to ensure his success as a stable and long term ruler of Florence.
Explanation Of the text
Reason For Author producing text
Questions For Confusion/ Understanding
Based on the saying, "It is better to be Feared than loved." should we view kinder humanistic approaches as a leader to be a weakness or a strength?
Would you rather be feared than liked as a person of today? Why?
What does the text teach about leadership?
Why is it an important aspect for a leader to be viewed as someone with all five good qualities? (piety, loyalty, integrity, humanity, and religion)
Politicians publicly advertise the phrase "Putting the people's interest first."
does this contradict Machiavelli's teachings?
Sean Martinez Jared Ignacio Justin Hayag
Certain characteristics of how a leader should act, feel, and think.
The belief a leader should be feared/ respected thaan to be liked
A leader does not have to always keep his promises especially when his position will be compromised
A leader should protect his reputation at all cost
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