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No description

Andrei Petravicius

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Dogon

They live in houses. The houses are made out of mud. So other houses are made out of sticks. So of the homes are big and others are tinny. The mub homes work well and the stick homes work ok not great or bad.

The climate they live in.
Houses of the sahel people.
The plants that are in the sahel
There are trees. There are Jujube it is a small spiny tree they are 23-66 ft.
The background of the People in the Sahel.
Dogon of the Sahel
The women in the Sahel dress heavy so the sun does not burn them severely. Them men do not dress heavy in the sahel.Women wear dresses. Men wear t-shirts and jeans.
Animals of the Sahel
There are warthogs. There are giraffes.There are zebu.There are senegal gerbils.
The type of place they live in is arid.
The climate is average well over 100.
The fluctuation is 1 degrees c higher.
So the climate they live in and where
they live is hot and arid.
How they adapt in the sahel
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