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Nowhere to call home

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Nowhere to call home

Nowhere to call home
Chapter 1
Frances's family was hit by the depression. Her father was so upset about it, he killed him self. Frances is left alone with only, the servants who are her only family left.
Chapter 2
Frances finds out she has to go and live with her Aunt who she barely even knows. All she knows is she is family.
Chapter 4
Frances sits in her room thinking about "hoboing" and how she hoped she would have been able to have a talk with her father when she was older.
Chapter 5
She is picked up in a cab and taken to the train station. She gets on her train, and crosses the river. The train stops on the other side, and she runs off and trades her ticket for th full value of $52.71. She gets in a cab, and then gets back out after the escort leaves. She is off running.
Chapter 3
Frances gets the luxury train ticket to take her to he Aunt in Chicago. She speaks with junius about "hoboing"
Nowhere to Call Home-By Preston Rousey.
Chapter 6
Frances runs to a train yard, and watches and sees boys jump in trains. She is seen by a rail watch and leaves. She goes off and buys boys work clothes with the train ticket money. She gets the clothes on and cuts her hair. she runs and slips into a cart at the right moment and off the train goes, with Elizabeth in it.
Chapter 7
She meets another hobo, whose name is Stewpot, and he is fifteen. They meet in the dark car as she is playing the harmonica. They become kinda partners and he gives her the name Frankie Blue, because of her harmonica blues.
Chapter 8-9
In this chapter Frances meets other hobos, and some are GIRLS. She finds out what it's like for the people who live in the jungle shelters.
Chapter 10
In this chapter Frances is still in the jungle, but spends her first night there.
Chapter 11
Frances wakes up and her bag is gone. when they found it, it was open and her silver items were stolen.
Chapter 12
Frances finds out what happened to blinks eye. She also tells Stewpot, how much money she has, and they get her a pocket knife for 25 cents
Chapter 13
Frances flips her first train. Which means she jumps on when it's moving. She has gained experience.
Chapter 14
Frances is in a boxcar with Stewpot. She is asking him what the cigat boxes are for and he shows her all these detailed, wood items. She is amazed when she finds out that Stew made them. He then hands her a cigar box that is empty, but has beauty to it. It has pyramids inside. Stew teaches her how to whittle.
Chapter 15-17
Frances has some books with her and asks stew pot if he wanted to read. He says he's not into that stuff. She keeps asking and he almost seems upset and says no. So he has her read it to him. They have to jump off the train they were just on. They find a house with a mark meaning it's a nice person. They get a full meal for shoveling a small path. The they head to the train yard and hop on an empty boxcar she then decides to tell Stewpot that she is a girl, and at her surprise he knew the whole time.
Chapter 18-20
Frances and Stewpot were arrested along with ten others. They were forced on the next train out the next morning. They arrived at Davenport, Iowa. She talks Stew into staying t a flophouse. Which they go to and have a meal, sleep, and breakfast. They want out because it smells awful. Frances has him stay and goes out and buys, blankets, food, and medicine.
Chapter 21-24
Frances gives Stew the medicine, and he takes it.later on that night he has an attack, and shakes violently, because he is cold. Stew gets to see the rocky mountains, which was one of his dreams. Murph hadn't lied about the beauty. Stew pot is very sick and Frances helps him to the hooverville, a man who sounds like Junius helps them. The mans name is Jack. He was studying to be a doctor, so Frances thought he could help, but she was upset when he couldn't. She ran to doctors, and the one who offered help needed him brought there, so she got a cab. as they were going to the cab, he died. There in their arms, a beloved friend died.
Chapter 25-26
Frances is very upset about the death of Stewpot. To the point to where she doesn't want to pray to God for him, because God let him die. She goes back to Chicago and walks several miles to her aunts house. She is afraid she will be mad, but her aunt will have a good reason. She then finds out her Aunts is marked with a symbol for Bo's. She then drops the dorr knocker of her Aunts house.
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