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Watchmen Chapter 7 Analysis

No description

Raihan Sajid

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Watchmen Chapter 7 Analysis

Chapter Summary
Dan finds Laurie tinkering with his gadgets
Fire starts, Dan thinks its masked killer
Laurie asks Dan about crime fighting
The Duo get intimate
Dan has a nightmare
They go out for a test spin in Archie
The Duo get intimate again
Summary Continued
Dan & Laurie living together
Masked Avengers may return
War is getting serious

Left at cliffhanger
Laurie and Dan could get in trouble
Rorschach may be out of jail
Page 16 & 17

Highly detailed page
Dr. Manhattan connection
Dan's thoughts
Page Analysis
Panel 1
Dan asks Laurie about her quitting smoking

Panel 2
Laurie asks Dan about their night adventure

Panel 3
Laurie asks Dan if the costumes made their night better

Panel 4
Dan feels better about wearing the costume
Panel 5
Dan feels more powerful, unbeatable.

Panel 6
Dan and Laurie continue to flirt
Panel 7
Laurie asks Dan what they should do next.

Dan says
“I think we should spring Rorschach”

Panel 8
Still of Archie, hovering in the sky.

Panel 9
Laurie asks
Discussion Questions
1. Was it right for Laurie to get intimate and move in with Dan right after Jon and her broke up?
3. Are the masked avengers serving justice or are they a nuisance?
4. What is the significance of Nite Owl's goggles?
How might Laurie and Dan's actions affect the other super heroes?
Watchmen Chapter VII:

By: Aalfie Bhuiyan and Raihan Sajid
6. what is the significence of the Tilight lady?
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