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The Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria

No description

Quinn McDonald

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of The Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria

The Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria
by Quinn McDonald
When was the lighthouse built?
The lighthouse was built
around 270 B.C. It was
built during the reign of
multiple kings because it
took twenty years to complete.
Where was the lighthouse located?
The lighthouse is in Alexandria
Egypt. The exact coordinates
are 31 degrees north 29
degrees east.

When was the lighthouse in existence?
The lighthouse was built around 270 B.C. and it
took 20 years to build. The lighthouse was in
operation for over 1,400 years until a series of
earthquakes caused it to fall into the ocean.
What was it and why was it built?
It was a lighthouse. It was built on Pharos island because many ships crashed into the island.
Why was the place important to Ancient
Well the lighthouse wasn't actually in the
Ancient Egyptian time it was a little after.
Why was the lighthouse important to Ancient Egypt?
The lighthouse wasn't actually in existence during the Ancient Egyptian time. It was important because they were able to figure out how to project the light from a big fire into the dense fog from the ocean. The overall height was about 300 feet.
Why was this lighthouse important to history?
The lighthouse was important to history because
it is the archetype for all lighthouses today. It was a big feat for its time. It was said to have mirrors at the top to project the light fueled by the fire. There was said to be a stable with horses to bring the fuel up to the fire chamber. The first tier was 200 feet the second was 98 feet and the top not including the light chamber was 69 feet.
The Six C's
I see a head of an elegant woman.
This head was most likely Zeus or Posidian.
These were people who were important to
Alexandria and Alexander the Great.
This looks like a statue from the
temple of Karnak.
This is from Bits of News.
I believe that this source is reliable
because I saw some of the same
information on websites like CNN.
I think that this is indeed either Zeus or Posidian
because there are many similar statues from
this time period.
- "The Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria." CNN. Cable News Network,
1997. Web. 13 Jan. 2014.

- " Pharos Lighthouse of Alexandria (ancient Lighthouse, Alexandria, Egypt)." Encylopedia Britannica Online. Encylopedia Britannica, n.d. Web. 14 Jan. 2014.

- Ash, Russel, and Richard Bonson. Great Wonders of the World. London: Dorling Kindersly, 2000. Print.
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