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Pretty Little Liars By: Sara Shepard

This is my book report on the novel, Pretty Little Liars.

kendall cotchan

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Pretty Little Liars By: Sara Shepard

Pretty Little Liars
By: Sara Shepard Sara Shepard Summary of the novel, Pretty Little Liars

If you had a secret so dark, so deep, that your perfect reputation and life depended on, would you bury the secret along with the girl who knew? In the town of Rosewood, secrets are a serious matter.
Alison DiLaurentis is, or was, a girl of many faces, some faces that remain unknown even to her four best friends. She was the girl that everyone admired, but also the girl everyone feared. Alison was the only person who knew all the girls' secrets, yet, not one of her own was ever revealed. Without a doubt, Alison had a lot of ugly secrets locked up inside her beautiful self. It wasn't until one night of Hanna, Emily, Aria, Spencer, and Alison's anual end of summer sleepover that Alison's friends realized you don't know what you have until it's gone. After a heated arguement with the girls, Alison went missing in the middle of the night. Claiming she heard a scream, Spencer went to search for her, but she was nowhere to be found. A year later, Alison is still missing with suspisions that she is dead. As for the former bestfriends, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer, they no longer hold their close friendship and are stilling coping with the dark secrets that they once shared with Alison. All hope of Alison being alive crumbled when construction workers found Ali's body, dead, burried under a gazebo in her old backyard. Soon after the finding of her body, the girls started getting messages from an unknown number who called themselves, "A". In these messages were things that only Alison knew, along with things that the girls were secretly doing in a matter of seconds after doing them, as if they were being spied on. Could the mysterious "A" possibly be Alison? Never. Her body was just found; she's dead. With fear and anxiety, Hanna, Emily, Aria and Spencer are determinded to find out who is blackmailing them and will not stop until they succeed. Main Characters Hanna Marin: "The girls who laugh the hardest, also cry the loudest." Hanna Marin, just like every other teenage girl, is insecure about herself. Differing from other girls, Hanna has a secret that tears her apart. Ever since Alison went missing, Hanna has been the new star of Rosewood. With the help of Alison, Hanna has transformed herself from her former chubby, "Hefty Hanna" girl, to the new "it" girl. She's the girl who is known to have additude, but also the girl who everyone looks up to for her beauty and flawlessness. Beautiful can be used to describe Hanna, but flawless can not. Unable to cope with the suffering of being known as the fat girl who hangs out with the most popular girl at Rosewood, Hanna knew she needed to change her image; Ali had knew a way to do so. Ever since the day Alison convinced Hanna to begin her bad habit, Hanna has been bulimic. Being bulimic isn't Hanna's only bad habit. Several times, Hanna has stolen very expensive, material things such as sunglasses and charm bracelets. Many people know Hanna as a, "barbie-like" girl. Aria Montgomery: Out of all her friends, Aria is without a doubt the most confident girl who is pleased with herself without being conceded. People's thoughts on her are Aria's last concerns. To describe Aria in one word, I would say quirky. Everything from her style, to her personality is unique. Aria is very different than anyone else. Personally, I think she is the most compelling character. Her indepedence and trueness to herself make her the most mature character in the novel; mature enough to date older men. Aria's secret is that she has been having an affair with the english teacher, Mr. Fitz, or as she calls him, Erza. Spencer Hastings: Jenny DeVries once said, "What's the good of news if you haven't a sister to share it?" To Spencer, the only good news she tells her sister is if it is to rub it in her sister, Melissa's face. Unlike Aria and her brother, Mike's loving sibling relationship, Spencer is in her own competion with her sister, trying to live up to Melissa's shadows. Spencer is a very uptight, intellectual. Without a doubt, Spencer is a perfectionist and an overachiver. Never will you find Spencer not studying, or not doing something for school, trying to live to her parent's expectations. Constantly, Spencer compares herself to her sister, competing to be the "better daughter" to her mother and father. No matter what she does, she always comes second best. Everything Melissa does, Spencer has to do it better. From her sister's grades, to her boyfriends, Spencer has been there, done that. Following in her sister's shadows too far, Spencer's secret has put her sister in shame of her. All Melissa's previous boyfriends, including her current love, Wren, have had an affair with Spencer. Emily Fields: Out of all the other girls, Emily Fields is the most emotional, sporty girl. Like Spencer, Emily has problems with trying to please her parents. Ever since she can remember, Emily has been swimming for the school team. From the outcast of the team, all the way to captain, Emily has improved greatly and become the star swimmer. There hasn't been one day that Emily went without being in the pool for hours swimming laps. Her parents are always the one pushing her towards being better, faster, stronger. After years of her parents pushing her to improve, it has become too much for Emily to handle. Telling her parents the truth, Emily has confessed to her parents about her lacking any more interest for swim. Her parents, refusing to listen, don't take her seriously. Much stress lays on Emily's shoulders, but she is good with coping with it. Besides Emily's lack of interest for swimming, she holds another secret deep inside of her. Recently, Emily has been hanging around her new, next door neighbor, Maya a lot. Maya and Emily already have a strong friendship, but a friendship isn't the only thing the two girls share. Confused about her feelings, Emily is starting to have a crush on her new friend. Favorite Quotes "Ali knew more about the girls than anyone else did,including the bad stuff they wanted to bury-just like a body."
This quote is important because it shows why the four liars might be relieved that Ali is dead. "You wonder how someone so...well, so much like you went missing, You thought only girls who entered beauty pagents ended up on the sides of milk cartons. Well, think again."
This is one of my favorite quotes in the novel. I find it very interesting and it draws my attention. "I'm still here, and I know everything." -A
This quote is important because it is the first message from "A" that all the girls recieved. Usually, all their messages say different things. As for this time, they got it at the same time, while they were all together at Ali's funeral. Also, it is very suspensful and scared the reader. Theme Figurative Language Foreshadow- "It was horrible to think Ali might be dead, but atleast their secrets were safe. And they were. For three years, anyway. Hyperbole- "Spencer noticed that he might actually have a chance of being attractive if he cut off that lion's mane." Review Without differing from many other people's opinion of this novel,it was one of the best books I have ever read. The amount of reasons are abiding as to why I relish this novel so greatly. Everything from the plot itself, to the compelling characters left me in awe. My favorite aspect I look for in a novel is being able to get involved in the character's emotions. I felt like I knew all the characters inside and out. Their secrets grew on me, and the mood of the novel gradually got more effective on me. There was suspence and cliff hangers in every chapter. Not for a minute will this novel leave you with boredom. Never have I read a story about characters as unique as these. "Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret." Pretty Little Liars, is a novel revolved around lies and secrets. Alison DiLaurentis told the girls that secrets are what binded their friendship. All their lives, Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily have lied, protecting their secrets from being revealed. Always, the girls thought their secrets were safe, until now. Someone knows their secret,and their blackmailer, "A", is threatening to tell everyone. By thinking that in a matter of minutes, everyone in Rosewood could know their secret, the girls learn that they shouldn't have kept their secrets in the first place. If their deep, dark secret is revealed, their perfect repuation will be ruined and they will be known as four pretty, little liars. This teaches the liars that their liars and secrets will always come back around and get them, like karma.
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