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Diego Rodriguez

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Soccer

soccer is a loving sport admired by billions soccer can be found almost anywhere Who made soccer? Soccer was created in England. In the late 1800's soccer became popular in England. How long is the field? The field is 100 to 130 yards long and 65 to 100 yards wide. How long is a game? A international game is divided into two 45-minute halves. How many people are allowed play from each team?11 people are allowed to play on the field at a time from each team. What is the equipment needed? You need a jersey, socks, shin guards, and cleats. Goalie gloves are included if you are a goalie. Who is the best soccer player?
Radamel Falcao Garcia.He runs with the ball and the goalies can never stop the goals. He plays on Colombia for his international team and plays for Athletico Madrid as his club team. Athletico Madrid is the best team a Colombian player has ever done. How does he get so good? He gets so good from lots and lots of practice. He is small, so don't let his height fool you. How does he score goals? Falcao scores many goals by head or a bicycle kick. How is he getting his name known? He is getting his name known by getting nominated into many award shows and winning. SOCCER
BY DIEGO O. RODRIGUEZ Soccer was created in England. English soccer players used to play with conquered invaders' skulls! Soccer is the world's most popular sport. Soccer started to become popular in England in the late 1800's. The "World Cup," is the most popular sports event in the world. In fact the first World Cup Uruguay won against Argentina 4-2. Soccer was banned by King Edward the 3rd in 1365. Soccer was also banned by King James the 1st of Scotland in 1424. FIFA was established in the year 1904. The best team is FC Barcelona. They
have all the best players. Their rival is
Real Madrid CF. Barcelona usually wins all
the time. They have been a great team from the start. Barcelona is in two leagues : Liga BBVA and champions league. Barcelona wins almost every game. They are also very lucky because they have Lionel Messi : titled as the best player playing right now. Barcelona has evolved a lot. They have had to make sacrifices like trading good players for an even better player. I think Barcelona will be the best club team that will ever play soccer. FOOTBALL OR FUTBOL? slide 5 question and answer slide 6 history of soccer slide 7 question and answer Table of contents slide 8 description slide 9 - 15 question and answer Which one do you prefer? Football or soccer?
In soccer you can't use your hands and in football you use them the whole time. In soccer you use shin guards and in football you use knee pads, chest pads, thigh pads, and a helmet. In football you use a oval shaped ball and in soccer you use a ball. In soccer you use cunning knowledge to out wit your opponent to get to the goal and score but in football you overpower your opponents with might and power. slide 16 cause and effect Because England created soccer it is now a loving sport played by the whole world. Soccer has been changed around the world as the rules and the name. In the different parts of the world, soccer has different names. Throughout the history of soccer there has been big changes. For example: the uniforms took a big change in appearance as the shorts are now longer, the emblems have changed, and also the sponsors have changed. slide 17 sequence The defenders are the players who go and stay at the goal, so they can block any balls that go near. The offense are the people who push up the field and score goals. The goalie is who blocks any balls from going in the goal. Goalies can also go out of their area although it's not safe
because there is no
so they can score
easily. There are
many positions in
soccer. "EL TIGRE"
(THE TIGER) In Scotland soccer was banned, but they didn't listen. Soccer was a loving sport and all the people who loved it would not stop. Soccer is a very loving sport. In England soccer was getting very out of hand. The king banned soccer because of the injuries and it was also getting way too dangerous. Soccer was having too many injuries so they made rules. slide 18 problem and solution work cited
world cup-book
google images-cite
999999.9999! $
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