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The Evolution of the Internet

No description

Ivan Arevalo

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of The Evolution of the Internet

Faster Communication Identity Theft
Information Resources Spamming
Entertainment Virus Threat
Social Networking Pornography
Online Services/ E-commerce Social disconnect The Evolution of the Internet Web = Internet? WEB -Utilize browsers INTERNET - Largest computer network in the world
- Connects billions of users globally The Internet underwent stages of evolution First Evolution: Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Birth of the Internet Vinton Cerf Robert Kahn Advanced
Twork It was created byAndrew Weinreich YouthStream Media Networks bought Sixdegrees for $125 million It was named after the six degrees of separation concept SixDegrees was launched on 1997 and ended 2001 SixDegrees was a social network Founded in 1999 in Foster City, California,
near Silicon Valley. Collapsed 2001 Started in Foster City, California, near Silicon Valley. -Subset of the internet
- Based on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol WWW -World Wide Web
- Part of the Internet used the most communicationresearch shopping
accessible Founded by David Karp A Social Networking Service mainly for blogging This is how tumblr looks like! Dashboard- The main control of a user blog Online "credit and delivery" grocery business. It is now owned and operated
by amazon.com. Web 1.0 vs. Web 2.0 Was READ-ONLY Did not allow interaction between users Users could not upload content and information Was comprised of simple directories and static HTML extentions READ-WRITE Allows users to produce content and website integration Blogs
Social bookmarking
Social Networking
Contributing to RSS Future? Newest development: Web 3.0 Advancements in Artificial inteligence (AI) - XML (Extensible Markup Language): Words
- RDF (Resource Description Framework): to define concepts and make relations between said concepts
- OWL (Web Ontology Language): to provide further expression and locgic to the RDF
- SWRL (Semantic Web Rule Language): Rules *Instagram released in October 2010!
*A new way to socialize with public threw pictures!
*Available in Apple app store for iPhones,iPad and iPods. *It took 2 years for instagram to become what it is today.
*Instagram allowed people to use hashtag to tag whatever they choose. $
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