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Making Mobile Music Instruments with the MaKey MaKey, Scratch and EchoNest

1st ISME Music Technology SIG V-Conference - April 16, 2013

S. Alex Ruthmann

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Making Mobile Music Instruments with the MaKey MaKey, Scratch and EchoNest

Making Mobile Music Instruments with the MaKey MaKey, Scratch and EchoNest S. Alex Ruthmann

University of Massachusetts Lowell 1st ISME Music Technology SIG V-Conference
April 16, 2013 @alexruthmann on Twitter http://experiencingaudio.org Making Music with New Media Social Media Musicianship
Blogs, networks and forums
Noteflight.com for notation
OhmStudio.com for recording
Discussion embedded in online creative tools

Video Edited Musicianship
Using video editors as primary medium for making music
iMovie, Final Cut Express, YouTube editors
inBflat.net, Kutiman, Pomplamoose
MadPad on mobile devices ` Tangible Media Musicianship
Focus on touch and "making"
iPads & Sifteo Cubes
Musical construction kits & design environments
MaKey MaKey Invention Kits

Computational Media Musicianship
Adaptation of computing tools for music and media making
MIT's Scratch media programming environment
Web-based remixing - Echonest Making Music with New Media http://bohemianrhapsichord.com MaKey MaKey Invention Kits http://static.echonest.com/girltalkinabox/ http://soundthinking.uml.edu http://makeymakey.com Computational & Tangible Media Musicianship Browse "Imagine,
Play" Scratch Created by the MIT
Lifelong Kindergarten Group http://scratch.mit.edu Remix Share Scratch 2.0 http://beta.scratch.mit.edu/ http://scratchmusicprojects.com Recognizing the performativity of today's digitally mediated musics
We are NOT in a "post-performance" world (c.f. Jonathan Sterne; Matthew Thibeault)
Facilitated through "Studio," "Workshop," and "Learning Lab" approaches to pedagogy
Engaging students in creating, performing, listening... AND building, designing, producing and making
Students' voices and instrumental playing can serve as the sound sources
US teachers understand teaching for performing
Inexpensive - MaKey MaKey = $49, Scratch & EchoNest = $0 (Free)
Social, ensemble playing with music technology
Youth can work directly with the recordings they value Some Emerging Issues and Implications http://www.cs.uml.edu/ecg/ IchiBoard Sensor Interface for Scratch http://experiencingaudio.org
http://soundthinking.uml.edu Bluetooth Wireless Add-on for MaKey MaKey
https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11378 Links to our work with MaKey MaKey and Music Workshops & Learning Labs Will work with iPad/iPhone & web apps
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