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The Aymara People

No description

Adam Johnson

on 12 February 2018

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Transcript of The Aymara People

Who Are We?
We are the Aymara people. We are an indigenous nation from Bolivia, Peru, & Chile. We existed before borders were drawn and countries were made. We're originally from the Andes but for the past 800 years, we've roamed South America. There's approximately 1 million of us.
About Us
Our colorful clothing is very eye catching.Women primarily wear the traditional "polleras" (skirts).Now, men usually use mainstream clothing. Unfortunately we are losing our culture.
Climate Change affecting us
The Aymara People
Ximena, Elliot, Kevin, Britny
Aymar Aru is the language spoken in our culture. Our poetry is also well known.
We are farming people. Our most important crops are potatoes, corn, beans, chili, peppers, and a grain called quinoa. Our food has become quite traditional & has inspired Latin American dishes.
We practice Roman Catholicism & Indigenous Religion based on parallelism, which is based on supernatural phenomena.
Our Clothing
We live by the Bolivian Glaciers. They've been our water source, and in a way our food source, for the past 2,000 years; but we are recently thinking that they won't last any longer. Over the last generation, our glaciers have shrunk by 43%. We believe this is caused by what is known as climate change.
How climate change is affecting our home and how it's connected
Water is disappearing and we need it to grow food
Unpredictable weather makes it harder for us to adapt because we have few resources
The unpredictable weather makes it harder for elderly and young children
What we can do is to tell people to stop burning coal and and stop green house gases but its hard for us to tell them
We live in very high altitude and it doesn't rain much so people depend on the glacial melt water
Why are our glaciers are melting?
The glaciers have provided life sustaining water to our people for more than 2,000 years.
The melting water from the glaciers gave us water to drink and to water our crops.
Each year, the temperature rises and our glaciers become smaller.
Our dry season lasts up to 6 months so we depend heavily on the water from the glaciers.
If the temperature continues to rise our glaciers will be gone within 20 years, threatening 77 million people.
Aymara flag
Aymara Pot
The Aymara flag is called The Wiphala and it represents a square emblem, representing all native peoples from Bolivia, Chile and Peru.
We are ready to stand up
We won't take no for an answer
We will speak until
Everyone hears us
We will not be quite anymore
We are important
We do count
Don't take our voices away.
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