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Comparing "Animal Farm" and North Korea

A presentation comparing North Korea's totalitarian government to the leadership shown in "Animal Farm".

Anna Claire Sewell

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Comparing "Animal Farm" and North Korea

Finally Totalitarian Government Comparison The comparison of the totalitarian
government in North Korea to "Animal Farm." How It Began Technology -North Korea's nuclear ambitions kept them isolated from the rest of the world.

-The building of the windmill on Animal Farm caused the animals to be secluded from others. Leaders Spontaneous Demonstration -North Korea holds mass dance performances in honor of their leader, and also have military parades to show their power.

-A gun is shot on Animal Farm in honor of Napoleon, and marching parades are organized to celebrate the farm's accomplishments. -Totalitarian government began in North Korea when they defeated Japan in WWII.

-Animal Farm's totalitarian government began when they overthrew Mr. Jones at the start of the Rebellion. -After being controlled by the Soviet Union, North Korea was led by Kim Il-Sung.

-On Animal Farm, Napoleon took over after Snowball vacated his position of leader. Works Cited Honor -North Korea honors the death of their "beloved leader", Kim Jong-Il, and the failures of past leaders.

-Animal Farm sang "Long live Comrade Napoleon" to honor their leader and to recognize the disgrace Snowball brought upon the farm. These examples clearly show the similarity between the totalitarian governments in North Korea and the one symbolized in "Animal Farm." Sarah Beth Pike and Anna Claire Sewell
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