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No description

Ivy Allstarz

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Biologist

How Much Do they Make?
$37,770 - $65,060 per year
Work Environment
Usually they work indoors but, for example wildlife biologist work outside. They typically have to wear protective gear for the experiment, just in case there are toxic chemicals or Explosions.
What do Biologist Do?
What you Need to know to be an Biologist
Biology: (specific type if you want to be a specific type)
English Language
Computers and Electronics:
Administration and Management:
Education and Training:
Engineering and Technology:

Other Qualification
Reason and Problem Solve
Use Math and Science
Manage Oneself, People, Time, and Things
Work with People
Work with Things
Perceive and Visualize

Different Types of Biology
Marine Biology
Pathobiology or pathology
You can have a bachelor's degree but they only assist if they have a bachelor's degree. PHD is when you can be 'the boss.'
They conduct science experiments to improve anything from humans, to plants, to pets, to viruses, to fruit, etc.
Their findings my be 'ground breaking' , something that could change the way everything is. Their findings could change everything or at least the thing in which the experiment was for.
Job Market
Depends on what you want to do. There aren't as many annual openings (in Utah) "In Utah, this occupation is expected to experience much faster than average employment growth.." Utahfutures.

There is a lot of competition for the job market of Biology because the # of newly trained Biologist has increased.
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