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7th Grade Curriculum Map

No description

Sarah Stewart

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of 7th Grade Curriculum Map

7th Grade Curriculum Map
By: Erin Hemric
Stephanie Long
Sarah Stewart
Ray Turner Cause and Effect
Relationships Justice Four nine week themes
Divided into three week units
each exploring one essential question Essential Questions:
How does justice affect the quality of life?
How is justice involved with situations that are beyond human control?
Is it just for people in authoritative positions to do what they wish to individuals less powerful than them? Identity Essential Questions:
What is identity? What does it mean to you?
Does your reflection in the mirror reveal your true inner identity?
How does your culture shape your identity? Courage Essential Questions:
Are you a person of courage? What obstacles of courage have you overcome in your life?
How can you overcome obstacles in every aspect of your life?
How are you a person of courage? How can you help others be courageous in their lives? Relationships Essential Questions:
How do we affect others around us?
Are all relationships good? What makes a relationship good or bad?
What can I do to have good relationships? Overcoming Obstacles
Red Scarf Girl Launching Activity:
Communist for a Day

Service Project:
Campus Face Lift

Unit Project:
Character Spotlight Showcase

Culminating Activity:
Pen Pals and Shoeboxes Young adolescents live in a world that is centered around media and technology. To help our students develop the skills necessary to be successful in the real world, we have incorporated the 21st Century Skills throughout our unit in each content area. We find it important to make our curriculum challenging, integrative, exploratory, and relevant to our students’ lives.
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