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RnR Tech Dealing


Andy R

on 10 February 2010

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Transcript of RnR Tech Dealing

R&R Tech Dealing Guide
So...What is Tech Dealing?
Tech dealing is the quickest easiest way that helps you grow while benefiting the alliance. Basically you sell tech to older nations for profit which is money you can spend to improve you nation.
But why don't larger nations just buy their own tech?
As Tech prices raise every level its more profitable for big nations to buy Tech from smaller nations. Also there is no need for small nations to have more then 100 tech at a time so its the most profitable way for both big and small nations.
Now that we got that sorted lets start with the ways you can sell tech.
The most common type of deal we have is called a 1x1 deal. This is we will go over today. Let's take a look at how it works...
1. Buyer sends MONEY (6 million) to Seller
2. Seller BUYS 100 TECH
3. Seller sends 100 TECH to Buyer after 10 days
4. Buyer ACCEPTS Tech
5. Seller BUYS 100 TECH
6. Seller sends 100 TECH to Buyer

These Steps have to be followed or else you wont make any profit. Never buy 200 tech at once. And never spend all the money. 200 tech is worth around 4 million so always save at least 2 million for the 2nd shipment of tech.

The standard rate is 6 million for 200 tech. Sometimes you might have a 6 million/100 tech deal. This is where the buyer pays 6 million for only 100 tech. When you have a deal like this, the procedure is very similar, but you only need to send 100 tech once...
1. Buyer sends MONEY (6 million) to Seller
2. Seller BUYS 100 TECH
3. Seller sends 100 TECH to Buyer after 10 days

That's what a 6 million/1000 tech deal looks like.

Tech selling isn't as hard as it may look. It only takes a few clicks every 10 days. It is the best way to make money as a small nation. And it's a great way to help the alliance at the same time!

So, how you get started?
Well, with our Tech Program, tech selling is now easier than ever before!

All you have to do is fill out the form located here:


Buyers will then look at the list and send money to begin tech deals with sellers (you).
Well, that's it...

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any Academy staff member, or a member of the Economics Department.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide. Happy tech dealing! :)
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