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Unit Sections for National Programs

No description

Laura Hall

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Unit Sections for National Programs

Unit Sections for National Programs
Career Connection
■PLUG IN to Careers — Understand work and the Career Connection Program
■SIGN ON to the Career Connection — Link personal interests, skills, and goals to career clusters
■PROGRAM Career Steps — Prepare with education, leadership, and work experience
■LINK UP to Jobs — Learn to find and land a job
■ACCESS SKILLS for Career Success— Practice being productive on the job and promotable
■INTEGRATE Work and Life — Manage interconnected roles in families, careers, and communities.

Dynamic Leadership
Dynamic leaders master the six essentials of leadership:
■Model good character
■Solve problems
■Foster positive relationships
■Manage conflict
■Build teams
■Educate peers

FACTS Units:
■Think SMART — Promote attitudes and provide events that keep youth from driving when under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.
■Buckle UP — Promote the benefits and safe use of seat belts, child safety seats, booster seats, and air bags.
■Arrive Alive — Promote safe driving habits, especially for less-experienced drivers.
■Speak Up — Promote the empowerment of teens to speak up for their safety.
■Bridge the Gap — Promote conversation and training for parents of teens as they work together to enhance traffic safety.

Families First
■Families Today - Understand and celebrate families
■You-Me-Us - Strengthen family relationships
■Meet the Challenge - Overcome obstacles together
■Balancing Family and Career - Manage multiple responsibilities
■Parent Practice - Learn to nurture children.

Financial Fitness
■Banking Basics - Conquer bank accounts, credit, and investments
■Cash Control - Track and plan personal spending
■Making Money - Sharpen on-the-job financial fitness
■Consumer Clout - Become a savvy spender
■Financing Your Future - Apply financial skills to real life

Information was collected from:
Students can choose a unit, then plan and carry out related projects that strengthen their awareness of skills
Power of One
■A Better You — Improve personal traits
■Family Ties — Get along better with family members
■Working on Working — Explore work options, prepare for a career, or sharpen
skills useful in business ■Take the Lead — Develop leadership qualities
■Speak Out for FCCLA — Tell others about positive experiences in FCCLA.

STOP the Violence
■reach their peers with violence prevention education
■recognize warning signs of potential youth violence
■encourage young people to report troubling behavior
■collaborate with school and community resources to address youth violence
■develop and implement local action projects to reduce the potential for violence in their school.

Student Body
■Eat Right — Explore good nutrition, eating disorders, healthy snacks, supplements, vegetarianism, and more
■Be Fit — Take action related to lifelong exercise habits, obesity, sports training, and other topics
■Make Healthy Choices— Choose a positive lifestyle by avoiding drugs, alcohol, and tobacco; managing stress; building self esteem; and practicing good character.
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