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The Great Depression

No description

Angela Lin

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of The Great Depression

by Rachel Lin
Angela Lin

The Great Depression
-Stock Market Crashed (October)
-Longest-lasting economic downturn
What was it?
Women's Important Impact
-Unemployment; fights
-Bread line
-Millionaires became poor overnight
-In debt, wages fell
-Banks ran out of money
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Why people hated Herbert Hoover?
World War ll Ends the Depression!!
~Wasted money on public projects
~"Passing incident"
~Not federal government's job to take care of issue
~Refused to give federal money to citizens; lower public morale
-Exceeded 20% at highest point
Results of the Great Depression
-Even more people employed than the years before depression
-Main role in the re-establishment of country
-Helped in factories (producing weaponry, clothing, etc.)
~Won election against Hoover (1936)
~Elected 3 times
~Created New Deal
Locations Affected
-1933, 90% of people in Lowell, Massachusetts were unemployed.
Locations Affected
Series of acts that:
-Helped the poor
-Returned economy to normal levels
-Prevented another depression
The New Deal
~During war, investments were financed
~Financing established new/important
sector for economy
-Ex) Aerospace Industry
~Aerospace 4x the size of car industry
-Private capital had a place
to be profitably invested -- secret to any economy's success
-Men abandoned family
-Men blamed women for depression (employed women percentage rose)
-Stock market crashed
-Oct. 1929~1939
-Longest-lasting economic downturn
-Beginning of GD
-Oct. 29, 1929
-16 million shares traded on NYSE
-Dow Jones Industrial average fell 12%

Who was affected the most?
-Minority groups like:
~African Americans
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