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Fiber and it's Benefits

Gagan Aujla

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Fiber

What are the benefits of fiber?
What are some foods that contain loads of fiber?
Whole Grain Cereal
Whole Grain Bread
Whole Grain Crackers
Lentils and Peas
Brown Rice
Whole Grain Noodles
How much fiber should we eat?
What is fiber?
Fiber is a part of food plants that your body can't absorb or digest. Although you can't digest fiber it is still very good for you in many ways. There are two types of fiber, insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fiber adds bulk which cleans your colon and regulates bowel movements. Soluble fiber controls how many harmful substances enter your body.
The benefits of fiber are it lowers cholesterol levels, helps control blood sugar levels, aids in achieving healthy weight, helps maintain bowel health
Flax seeds
Dried Fruits
Rye Bread
1-3 years, should have 19 grams
4-8 years, should have 24 grams
Males 9-13 years, should have 31 grams
Females 9- 49 years, should have 26 grams
Males 14-49 years, should have 38 grams
Females 50+ years, should have 21 grams
Males 50+ years, should have 30 grams
Gagan Aujla- What is fiber

Lavraj Sarao- What are some foods that contain loads of fiber

Mohkam Sivia- How much fiber should we have

Ammiel Swamy- What are the benifits of fiber
By: Gagan, Lavraj, Mohkam, and Ammiel
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