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[TJ Hoving] Architectural Portfolio/Resume

An exceptional design professional well versed in architectural design, graphic design, and project management.

T.J. Hoving

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of [TJ Hoving] Architectural Portfolio/Resume

selected project creative#1
We created an open lobby with a CnC metal wall to create interest. I took pictures on the way home from work for a week. then I abstracted them into a silhouette. I converted the images to a dxf file for the metal manufacturer to cut and powder coat. Behind the panels we used rusted metal panels to give the wall some warmth.
The client wanted a big gesture towards the community. They wanted a lobby that would invite the neighborhood into the space.
selected project creative#2
Project Statement
The history of Snoqualmie is tied in with the lumber industry. But even though the lumber
industry has left Snoqualmie, remnants of it remain. There is now a giant building lying
dormant, what better than to reuse it as a indoor adventure center. The program includes
indoor mountain biking, climbing walls and several ropes courses. There only a handful indoor mountain bike parks in the nation, and none within such a dynamic space like this.
selected project technical #1
I was an integral part of the design team for both projects. I was the primary drafter and modeler/renderer. I was in charge of drafting our concepts and then expanding on the chosen concept to create documents that where sufficient for construction. I also worked hand in hand with consultants (structural, metal fabricators, building envelope, storefront) to ensure that our construction sets was well coordinated and create high performance buildings.
My Role
I worked with the daylighting lab to see how our concepts performed. We created a large model. We had three schemes: a monitor/skylight scheme, a clerestory scheme and a hybrid scheme. We found out that the hybrid scheme to take the best of both schemes. I allowed for even light throughout plus gave a punch of light where needed.
I have worked on numerous project types (single family, multi family, mixed use, medical, educational, commercial). I have a broad base of knowledge of building assemblies and architectural materials.
Technical Knowledge
I have permitted buildings in numerous jurisdictions. I have experience in making our designs ADA complient.
Code Knowledge
Demanding Client
The clients where pretty hands on, but had a tough time visualizing the house through just plans and elevations. I was put in charge to build and maintain a 3d digital model. It was a living document, i updated it after every client meeting.
selected project tech-savvy #1
selected project tech-savvy #2
Creating a Vision
We were charged create a presentation of a community in Delta, BC. The past phases where all single family homes. For the final phase the client wanted to have a little more density.
Software Used:
Google SketchUp
Podium (google plug-in)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Google Earth
Rendered Floorplan
I also created a rendered floor plan to make the technical drawings come to life. This helped explain our programming as well as material pallete. I used AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to pull this off.
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