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2010 Annual Update - Community Foundation for Muskegon County

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on 9 April 2012

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Transcript of 2010 Annual Update - Community Foundation for Muskegon County

wow and forever. In 2011, we are
celebrating... 1960.........1970.........1980.........1990.........2000.........2010 Once an abandoned brownfield,
Heritage Landing becomes a
beautiful park with the help of the Paul C. Johnson Foundation, creating the main stage and a playground. After 19 years, Foundation president Patricia B. Johnson retires. During her tenure, assets rose from $4.8 million to $87.4 million! Chris A. McGuigan is named her successor. 2009 1999 2002 2007 1961 The
is created by Stephen H. Clink and other community leaders. 1973 The Foundation's first scholarship fund is created with a $639,000 bequest from Charles and Jessie Goodnow.
Since then, 416 scholarships have been awarded totaling $577,000. 1976 The Youth Advisory Council is established by community contributions, matched by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The YAC provides a venue for kids to come together and learn about grantmaking, and to have fun while awarding funds to causes and programs that impact youth. 1992 The Foundation hosts "Match Day," and 750 people
come together to raise $550,000 in one day to provide
for the needs of our community organizations. The Foundation purchases the block of Western Avenue between Third and Fourth streets, securing the future of what would become the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts. Our History... The Foundation collaborates with the Chamber of Commerce, the Paul C. Johnson Foundation, and the City of Muskegon to form the Downtown Muskegon Development Corporation to purchase the former Muskegon Mall site and begin the process of revitalizing downtown Muskegon. 2010: Our donors are using the Foundation to build the future they envision: The Future is WOW: When classmates learned that Glenda had been meeting classroom needs for years, they began building a fund in her memory. At their 50th reunion they reached their goal and will award mini-grants to Montague teachers every year! Montague Class of 1960 and Friends of Glenda Huls Memorial Fund: Organization
EnWOWment: Creating sustainability is a core value of Great Start Muskegon. Creating an endowment fund is a great start as these collaborators work toward safe, healthy, and enriching environments for our kids. Total gifts and grants from generous donors like you: $5.8 million We received 7,200 gifts from 3,700 donors 47 new funds were created, for a total of 983 funds Patty Dodge is keeping her son's memory alive through the Robert Dodge Memorial Fund. We made 920 grants… Teens helping teens: the Youth Advisory Council granted $20,000 for the new Health Center in Muskegon High School. From depression to toothaches, student ailments are being treated at low-to-no cost, making for healthier, happier students. …investing a total of over $4.1 million back into our community Easier access to fresh, local food? Sounds good to us! A Foundation grant supported use of Bridge Cards at the Muskegon Farmers Market. Fueled by a 13.92% investment return, total assets topped $124 million The Frauenthal turns 80! A gift from A. Harold Frauenthal’s estate to be used “for the good of the community” allowed us to save the Michigan Theatre from the wrecking ball in 1976. It set a bold course for our commitment to downtown Muskegon! Our donors are following their passions and making a difference! $W00,000,00W for more 2010 numbers, check out www.cffmc.org The gift of two buildings… Gary Bogner donated the new Bogner Center for Human Services Legacy gifts: "Uncle Pete" was a happy man as long as he could have his morning cup of coffee and drive around in his favorite red truck... Though he’s no longer with us, the Pete G. Pavlich Fund will assist St. Catherine's in Ravenna just as if Pete was still dropping his offering into the plate. His fund will support his church in his name for good...for ever. What do Muskegon Catholic Central students, McGraft Park, and Hackley Public Library have in common? They were important to Jane! She left detailed instructions in her estate plan so that her lifetime passions would be supported forever. Arthur H. & Jane M. & David M. Ruthkoski Fund: Cathy and Bernie Berntson lived in many states, but a family cabin on Bear Lake drew them here for retirement. Now they're busy supporting their passions through their Donor Advised Fund. Donor Impact: A more beautiful place to live: Meinert Park Expansion: The Land Conservancy of West Michigan raised funds to add 95 acres to Meinert Park and provide for its upkeep. A place with rich cultural offerings: Mike and Kay are encouraging others to express themselves on the Olthoff Street Stage From public museums to public art, our donors are enriching the quality of life for all. George and Betty Hilt are helping develop a historical park at Hilt's Landing, allowing visitors to walk through time. A cleaner, greener future: The Zaykos and the Eklunds are impacting the environment by supporting water research, alternative energy sources, and conversations about Muskegon County's environmental future. A healthier community: From bike trails to fresh, local food, our donors are working to make Muskegon County a healthier place to live, move, and grow. More educated citizens: All Muskegon County school districts have Education Funds, providing scholarships and classroom support for students. Through programs like Muskegon Opportunity, scholarships, and teacher mini-grants, we help students excel. A culture of philanthropy: Dan and Sarah Rinsema-Sybenga are giving as a family! They started the Foundation’s first Next Generation Donor Advised Fund, designed for donors under 50. How about you? Imagine…if everyone leaves 5% of their estate to a fund at the Foundation, over $680 million will be invested in Muskegon County over the next 50 years! Does your will or trust include your community? Roberta Fleischmann's does.

Let’s make Muskegon the most generous place on earth… So what does the future look like? It depends on you! 2010 annual report 1989 Dear Muskegon County:
Our 2010 report advances like a year advances, like our 50 year history advances, and most spectacularly, like our future advances! As you read it, consider the tremendous giving and all the long term good that you create in just one year through the Community Foundation.
Consider how each year builds on the work and strength delivered in the previous fifty years. Then consider all that our community can create and become in the next fifty years! It really is in our hands! Wow!

All our best,
Chris A. McGuigan & Nancy L. Crandall We are excited to present our 2010 Annual Report digitally - We hope you enjoy it!

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