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IHa meeting

No description

ganesan M

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of IHa meeting

BLAMs - What and Why? Firstline support for all workflow and tools

Keep local users aware of UATs, global procedures

Local site representation in global forums like CAM, BLSM, etc Support implementation plans

Training to local staffs

Coordinate local requests for workflow change
XML first

switching from
print to electronic

content early
to market

cost management ensure PM check the
EW box in BT

PPM - proper creation of
series records

Effective back
conversion in place 2008 - 86% of Chennai
books are in XML-first

2009 - 97% of Chennai
books are in XML-first

All book content from
2008 is available in EW PPM

Replacement for

Implemented in phases

Data integrity
Power User and
end user training

Troubleshooting and
smooth implementation

Refresher training
on enhancements

Ongoing Multimedia
Chennai strictly adhere
to processes

Proper Supplier Work Order and PPM Instructions for ALL books

Strong Power User group

E before P - 95% Chennai S&T published online first

Reporting available through
BF and Ops Reporting Author Feedback Score

Monitoring performance
of our books

Authors are invited to answer
a number of questions
after publication

Areas of focus - Quality,
Timeliness, and Customer Support

On completion of the survey
the report emailed BLAM Chennai

Ensure complete author details available in PPM

Provide monthly publication details to Research and Academic Relations - PPM report

Generate report and provide scores to TMs and Head Standard Design Models

Option 1 and Option 2 E before P

Q300 eliminated
for all S&T and it is
advanced for all HS books Standard procedures

OPTT documents and
training BLSM support

Supplier issues, performance, etc BPS support

Diff Tool


colourful e-products

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