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Social Media Tips for FedCRE 2012

No description

Helen Casey

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Tips for FedCRE 2012

What's the latest in Social Media? Final Tip - Build Your Strategy OBJECTIVES Helen Casey, Legacy Portoflio KEY STEPS TO
SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS My Experience of Social Media Be human Social Media Platforms Explained By 2011, 72% of companies reported using social technologies in their businesses - 90% reported that they are seeing benefits - McKinsey, 2012 CEO uptake - 16% estimated to grow to 57% - IBM, 2012 My Top Tips Q: What are the key benefits? STRATEGY SET UP ENGAGE LEVERAGE MEASURE Why Use Twitter? Thought leadership

Market news and insight

Drive traffic to your website

Grow your brand

Grow connection base and reach the unreachable

Develop relationships

Build your knowledge Why Use LinkedIn? Build your personal brand

Connect with unreachable people

Demonstrate your knowledge

Key business development tool

Network from home

Learn from your peers Focus on one social media platform at a time Review, rewiew, review Explore and learn Develop a strategy that fits with your business objectives Increase brand awareness
Enhance workplace cohesion
Build your network Build a following on Twitter
Use WorkSimple to communicate on projects
Utilize LinkedIn to meet your target clients Twitter account
LinkedIn account, etc
Ensure branding and style matches your website Post links with useful content
Create opportunities for your team to collaborate
Participate in group discussions Add your social media logos to your email signature
Add logos to your business cards
Add logos to marketing material Hootsuite, Google Analytics, manual count of interaction
Personal feedback
Soft and hard leads developed
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