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The Product Life Cycle of Cotton T-Shirts

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on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of The Product Life Cycle of Cotton T-Shirts

Using energy, cleaner, and dyes, the cotton is made into the colored fiber that goes into the t-shirt.
It is later packaged and shipped to various stores to sell to the consumer.
When the t-shirt is worn out or unwanted, it may be thrown away or donated to a charity. When disposed, it goes to a landfill to sit for many years.
The Product Life Cycle of Cotton T-Shirts
Raise and Extract
The cotton t-shirt is made with cotton harvested from its plant.
After the fibers are cleaned and colored, the fibers are woven together into separate pieces to be sewn together into a t-shirt.
When reusing, it can be used as separate rags or to make another piece of clothing.
Cotton t-shirts are shredded down to their fibers and specially treated to keep their softness and re-woven into new t-shirts
Why T-Shirts Can't be Recycled into new T-Shirts.

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