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Copy of What is cause and effect?

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Carin Call

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of What is cause and effect?

Charlie Bites Brother
Example 3
The simple sneeze is actually a complex reaction.
The impulse to sneeze comes from irritation of a group of nerves in back of the eyes. When the signals reach the brain, the body takes a quick breath, then muscles contract violently. Finally, thesound “kerchoo” comes out.

Pixar "For the Birds"
A cause is
a problem or event occurs.
Sometimes, the cause and effect are a little harder to find...
What is cause and effect?
Cause and Effect
An effect answers the questions:

Example 1
Marcia was a skilled and capable driver. She had driven all
the way from New Mexico in her brand-new car without any
problems. Suddenly, because she hit a long patch of frozen
ice, she lost control and the car ended up in a ditch. As she
climbed out, she realized that the car was demolished.

What was the cause of Marcia's accident?
*Remember the cause is
something happened.
The road was icy.
What was the effect of Marcia's accident?
Her car was demolished.
*The effect is the
a problem or event or tells
What is the reason Charlie is biting his brother?
*Remember the reason= cause is
something happened.
What is the result of Charlie biting his brother?
*Remember, Effect =
of a problem or event or tells
What is the cause of a sneeze?
What is the REASON the birds fly off the wire?
*Remember the cause is
something happens.
What is the outcome of the birds on the wire? (What happens to them?)
The effect is the
of a problem or event or tells
Activity 1
Identify the causes and effects in the following sentences and write it on your notes/practice.
1. Because Jan overslept, she missed the bus.
2. Traffic was terrible, so we were two hours late getting home.
3. Morgan could not find a summer job, which made her feel unhappy.
4. Ice covered the road, so driving was dangerous.
5. Since Lenny's bike had a flat tire, he could not ride it.
Activity 2
I told my sister that I was foolish to drive over the speed limit. She did it anyway because she liked to show off. But I think she learned her lesson last Saturday. First, she hit a pothole too fast and damaged Mom's car. Then, she got a speeding ticket. Mom said she had to pay the fine and couldn't drive the car for a month. I don't think she'll be speeding again.
Read the paragraph, and then list two causes and their effects.
Cause and Effect Quiz
Examples of Causes and Effects
so we have to use "SIGNAL" words/phrases
Sometimes, they tell you the effect first and use a
word to tell you about the
Many times, a writer tells you the cause, and then uses a
word to tell you about the
Go to the link below and try matching the cause with the effect.
Take a Screenshot and submit it to the Assignment dropbox.
An effect is the
of that problem or event.
Something that makes something else happen.
It’s the event that happens first.
It’s the one that happens second or last in a sequence of events.
If you have more time, you can try out some of these links OR you can choice read.

Go to this link and check your answers to try it out.

To RECAP - Signal Words
if the video won't play, try the link in Schoology entitled "Example 2 video" or google "Charlie bites brother...again"
if the video doesn't work, use the link on Schoology or google "Pixar For the birds."
Use your notes to take the Quiz in Schoology and prove your knowledge.
Bring me your notes so you can take the quiz.
List three of the sentences you made on your paper.
Practice 2
What was your grade?
Write it down on your paper
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