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Climate Change

Climate change

brandon moorhead

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Climate Change

Climate Change evidence of global warming Lake Chad is silting up The earth's temperature is increasing Water is becoming limited Are humans impacting climate change? Yes, because humans are causing the greenhouse effect to go up. Also, because there is more carbon dioxide in the air How can we reduce climate change? Don't pollute! What is the greenhouse effect? What is climate change? the climate of a place or region is changed if over an extended period there is a statistically significant chage in measurements of either the mean state or varieability of the climate for that plate or region What effect or impact might climate change have on the earth's inhabitants? It could make species go extinct. The end! The rise in temperature caused by the hole in the Ozone layer The end! The End! If u pollute u will look like this... The end!
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