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MighTree 1_Day 2_New Edition

No description

RnD 1 Pangram

on 1 September 2017

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Transcript of MighTree 1_Day 2_New Edition

Day 2
My School Starts!

Warm Up
Main Lesson
What do they share?
Let's Clean Up!
Wrap Up
Oh, no! Don't Do That!
Sharing is Good!
Open Your Student Book
Student Book pp. 10~13
I listen to my teacher.
I raise my hand.
I get in line.
I share. I am nice to everyone.
I clean up.
Story Time
Tell students about Sally's story. When telling a story, pretend to be Sally.
I share.
While doing a chant, focus on the sentence, '
I share
Your Turn to Speak
Ask students a question while showing picture. Do not need to focus on 'something to share'. Focus on '
I share
I clean up.
Your Turn to Speak
Your Turn to Speak
Ask students what the kids in the picture should. Lead them to answer; '
Do not . . .
Your Turn to Speak
cut in line
Ask students to say what the kids in the pictures.
Teacher Talk: Look at Sally. Does she listen (raise her hand, get in line)?
What does she do? . . . Right. She
s crayons.
Ask students to put the toys in the right place.
Teacher Talk: Look at this room. It's very messy. Can you
clean up
the room?
Teacher Talk: Let's
clean up
. Where do we put these toys?
Help students identify each picture and say what they do. If the kids do the bad things, ask students what the kids should do.
Teacher Talk: Look at Sally. What does she? She
s her
Teacher Talk: Look at him. What does he do?
He runs. Is it OK?
Teacher Talk: What should he do?
Do not run
Optional Activity
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