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Masters in Political Science at Leiden University

No description

Political Science

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Masters in Political Science at Leiden University

Standard Tuition fee Int MSc Research Political Science & Public Administration Two years Admission required Programme Contents Substantive Courses
(examples) Methodology courses, PA + PS (examples) Research seminars
(examples) The Classics International Regimes & Institutions Comparative Politics Philosophy of Science & Ethics Qualitative / Quantitative Research Replication Workshop Advanced Methodology Cabinet Government Plus: excellent skill training Writing a research proposal Presenting Thesis Lab Reporting MSc Research: Admissions Application deadline: April 1 Bachelor's degree conforming to Bologna Declaration Proficiency in English: TOEFL or IELTS Min 14 ECTS Statistics & Methods Research affinity / writing proficiency: paper Two letters of recommendation Research Master MSc Political Science International Relations & Diplomacy So you want to be an MSc Political Science (Leiden) One year Standard Tuition fee Advance your academic

as well as your professional

skills! Programme
structure Conflict and Cooperation: Classics Advanced Academic and Professional Skills Elective seminars
(examples): Final Stage Thesis writing in a Thesis Seminar Thesis
Seminar Writing takes place in Bloc 3 and 4 INternship Research Project Seminar MSC Ps: Admissions A Bachelor degree in Political Science or a Bachelor in a related discipline featuring min. 80 credits in Political Science and/or related disciplines Proficiency in English; TOEFL or IELTS In cooperation with 'Clingendael' Two years Admission Required Non-standard Tuition fee All students: € 16.250 p.a. (2012-2013) -subject to annual change- 1 Heinsius Scholarship (Bachelor PS Leiden graduate) MSc IRD: Contents Courses in Quantitative Qualitative Methodology Seminars Clingendael (examples) Seminars Leiden (examples) Trends in Diplomacy International Negotiation Global Governance and the Future of the State Diplomacy in East Asia Theory & Approaches in IR Civil War International Political Economy Conflict and Conflict Resolution Internship Thesis lab + master thesis MSc IRD: Admissions Application deadline: April 1 Bachelor's degree: Political Science, IR, International Law, History, Economics, or degree with professional IR training High grades Proficiency in English: TOEFL or IELTS Two letters of recommendation Substantial amount of freedom to pursue your own (research) interests! Grade average '8' (rounded up) Masters in Political Science at Leiden University Master Political Science
Campus The Hague Theme: "The Functioning of Dutch Democracy" Language of instruction: Dutch Classes in the evening during the week and on a few Saturdays Can be combined with a fulltime job Courses: Democratie: theorie en praktijk Nederland in de Wereld Politieke Besluitvorming Media en Politiek De Nederlandse Democratie:
politicologische analyse Start dates: September and February Two tracks Public Values (PA) Public Policy (PA) Democracy,Bureaucracy, Public Choice (PA) PIM Status Political Parties and Particularism Decision Making and Policy
Implementation in the EU (PA) Democracy, Bureaucracy
& Public Choice (PA) Core modules: Theme:
Conflict and Cooperation Sufficient competency in social science research methodology Good academic performance Programme
Structure II International Security and Peace Building

Distributive Justice: from local to global issues

Negotiations: a rational choice approach
Development, Governance and Conflict

Political parties and political conflict

Political communication: conflict and consensus Thesis writing in an Internship Research Project Seminar Apply theoretical and methodological knowledge to a theme related to conflict and cooperation Based on the findings of individual research Seek an internship placement in the period January - March Write a final report in bloc 4 Based on your internship experience Start dates: September & February Language of instruction: English or
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