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Laying the Foundation for Excellence

No description

Sara Womack

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Laying the Foundation for Excellence

Laying the Foundation for Excellence
Initiative and Entrepreneurship
Effective Oral and Written Communication
Accessing and Analyzing Information
Agility and Adaptability
Critical Thinking and
Problem Solving

Curiosity and Imagination
Collaboration across Networks and Leading by Influence
When learners can problem solve with imagination,
It's time for more hard work, not a vacation.
So no matter what direction, here or there, they choose.
What they know will be enough. Thinkers never lose.
over 2 million searches per minute
29,000 words
1,000,000 words
1 week today > a lifetime in the 18th century
48 hours of video uploaded every minute
More than twice as many people are born each day than die each day.
Today's learners will have 11 different jobs by the age of 46.
The amount of technical information is doubling every two years.
The average teenager sends 3,339 texts per month.
Dr. Sara Womack
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