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Identity Theft

No description

Annie A

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Identity Theft

Identity Theft
Identity Theft
A crime that happens when someone gets the personal information (for example:credit card, social security number, bank account numbers) of another person, usually to steal money.
A few ways to prevent identity theft
#2 Use unique passwords
Another method criminals may use to steal your personal information is by logging into your email and other online accounts and glean information from there. So its important to keep your password to yourself and not advertise it.
Is identity Theft right?
No because stealing is not right! even if its online.
A few ways to prevent identity theft
#1- watch out for phishing websites
A phishing website is one that presents it self as a legitimate business website when really its a fake one looking for your information
A few ways to prevent Identity theft
#3- Use an anti-virus program
Another way is to use an anti-virus software. These help to prevent virus. Also it will aware you if the website could give your computer a virus and it will prevent it. you can purchase one at any store that sells computers. Some computers even have one that comes with it.
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