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The Butter Battle Book: Connections To The Cold War

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Alicia Zachery

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of The Butter Battle Book: Connections To The Cold War

The Butter Battle Book: Connections to the Cold War First Connection Page 8: Grandpa Yook spied on the Zooks from the other side of "the wall". He did this to keep the Zooks on their side of the wall. This worked until Van' Itch came into the picture.This is very similar to something that happened during the Cold War. The U-2 Reconnaissance Plane Affect This is when the US used a CIA plane to try and spy on the Soviets. Yet they failed, because the Soviets shot the plane down. This embarrassed the United States of America massively. But how does this relate to the Butter Battle Book? This is a connection to the Butter Battle Book because the same thing happened to Grandpa Yook when he first started the job of Zook- Watching Border Patrol. I am referring to page 11 when Grandpa Yook was on the job, because he was spying on the Zooks with his Snick-Berry Switch in hand and Van'Itch caught him and broke his weapon. This also similar to the U-2 Reconnaissance Plane Affect because the Yooks represent the U.S in this story and the Zooks are the Soviet Union. Another way this is a connection is because when the U.S got caught they were embarrassed and when Grandpa Yook got caught he went back to Chief Yookeroo very embarrassed. Second Connection Page 33: The Zooks went into the underground shelters for safety from the Big Boy Boomeroo. Which we now know as a nuclear. This is also very similar to something that happened during the Cold War that civilians in the U.S.A had to use to take cover if a nuclear bomb was ever to be thrown. I am referring to the use of bomb shelters during the Cold War. This situation is very similar to the underground shelter in the story. I say this because in the story the Yooks used the underground shelters as safety for if Grandpa Yook decided to throw the Big Boy Boomeroo at Van' Itch and the Zooks. The same thing happened during the Cold War because both the U.S and the Soviet Union were equipped with nuclear bombs, yet it was a matter of who was going to throw their's first so just to take precaution people during the Cold War used bomb shelters. Also this situation was very similar to the book because since the Big Boy Boomeroo represents the nuclear bomb that the U.S and the Soviets had and the people during that time were in the underground shelters taking caution of the Big Boy Boomeroo event and during the Cold War they did the same exact thing as done in the story. Third Connection Page 36: This is the page when both Van' Itch and Grandpa Yook had the Bitsy Big Boy Boomeroo (neclear bomb). Though both of them had this very powerful weapon, we do not know whether or not Grandpa Yook or Van' Itch applied this to their defense for their country. This is another connection to the Cold War. I am alluding the situation during the Cold War when both, the U.S and the Soviet Union had a nuclear bomb ready for fire. Just like in the story when both Van' Itch (The Soviet Union's Military) and Grandpa Yook (The U.S's Military) had the Big Boy Bommeroo ready to fire. This scenario relates to the story because the
Big Boy Boomeroo represents a nuclear bomb and Van' Itch and Grandpa Yook represent the two militaries and what happened on page 36 in the book is a very ample visualization of what happened when the nuclear bombs were about to be thrown.
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