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Group 3 project

No description

Skylar Baldino

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Group 3 project

By: Skylar and Chasity
Level 1

By: Deanna
Level 2
By: Paula
Level 3
By: Skylar And Chasity
1. The Thanksgiving meal displayed on the table looked delicious.
------ Prep Phrase--------------------
1. While I was competing, my best friend gave my mom all the updates of the race.
2. Crushed to pieces by the sledgehammer, the computer no longer worked.
-----Participle Phrase--------------------------------------
3. The captain, a gruff, surly man, stalked ominously across the deck.
4. Drinking hot chocolate is a popular thing to do in the winter.
5. The child wore knee pads to avoid scraping his knees.
Level 4
By: Matt
1. The cracked mirror threw rainbows, refulgent in the sunlight.
1. Do you enjoy John's company?
----------------Simple Interrogative----------------------------
2. Go clean your room, or go clean the bathroom.
------------------------------Compound Exhortative--------------------------------------------

3. I desire milkshakes only when I eat french fries.
---------------------------Complex declarative----------------------------------------------------
4. The one time you got your tooth pulled, I was thinking about you, but I was also partying!
--------------------------Compound-Complex Exclamatory----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Article Definition
A type of modifier: a modifier that always precedes the noun.
Though an adjective can follow the noun it modifies, an article/determiner must always precede it.

(a, an, the)
Adjective Definition
A word that modifies a noun or pronoun, specifying such things as what kind, how many, and which one.

Possessive- (my, your, his, her, their)
Degrees- Positive, comparative, superlative
Noun Definition
A word that names a person, creature, place, thing, activity, condition, or idea.
Verb Definition
A word or phrase naming an action done by or to a subject, a state of being experienced by a subject, or an occurrence.
Preposition Definition
A word followed by its object- a noun, pronoun, or noun equivalent. A preposition shows the relation between its object and another word or word group in the sentence.
Subject Definition
A word or word group that tells who or what performs or undergoes the action named by the verb, or that is described or identified in a linking verb construction.
Linking Verb Predicate Definition
A verb followed by a word or word group that identifies or describes the subject.
Subject Complement Definition
A word or word group that immediately follows a linking verb and identifies the subject.
Action Verb Predicate Definition
A verb that expresses something that a person, animal, object, or process can do rather than expressing a state of being.
Indirect Object Definition
Names the person or thing indirectly affected by the action specified.
Direct Object Definition
Names the person or thing directly affected by the action specified.
Prepositional Phrase Definition
A phrase that starts with a preposition and ends with its object. Phrases of this type are regularly used as adjectives or adverbs.
Participle Phrase Definition
A phrase formed by a participle and its object, its modifiers, or both. Usually, a participle phrase modifies a noun or pronoun.
Appositive Definition
A noun, noun phrase, or series of nouns used to identify another noun, noun phrase, or pronoun.
Gerund Definition
A verbal noun made from the present participle.
Infinitive Phrase Definition
A phrase formed by an infinitive and its object, its modifiers, or both.
Simple Sentence Definition
A sentence consisting of just one independent clause.
Compound Sentence Definition
A sentence consisting of two or more independent clauses.
Complex Sentence Definition
A sentence consisting of one independent clause and at least one subordinate clause. The independent clause in a complex sentence is usually called the main clause.
Compound- Complex Sentence Definition
A sentence consisting of two or more independent clauses and one or more subordinate clauses.
Thanks for Watching!!
Parts of Speech

By: Deanna/Skylar
Grammar- A way of thinking about language
Pronoun- A word that takes the place of a noun
Interjection- A word that shows emotion but has no grammatical function
Adverb- A word that modifies a verb, adjective, or another adverb.
Conjunctions- A word that joins words or a group of words.
Types of Pronouns
Subject pronouns- used for subjects (I, you, he, she, we)
Object pronouns- used for objects (me, you, him, her, us)
Possessive pronouns- (mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours
Types of Conjunctions
Coordinating- (and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet)
Subordinating- (if, as, since, when, because)
Correlative- (either, or, neither, nor, not only, but also)
Parts of a Sentence
By: Paula/Skylar
Sentence- A group of words that has a subject and a predicate combined to make a complete thought
Fragment- An incomplete thought
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