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Thu Huynh

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of RULES OF THE GAME

Ch.5 Rules of the Game READING QUIZ
Multiple Choice

1. Why did Waverly think that the dark alley was the best playground?

a. It was filled with sweet smell of food c. All Chinese kids gathered there
b. It was crammed with mysteries and adventures d. It was cleaner than other places

2. Who was the one that actually got the chess set?
a. Waverly c. Waverly’s neighbor
b. Vincent d. Lindo

3. Who taught Waverly strategies and new secrets to playing chess?
a. Her mother c. Lau Po
b. Waverly herself d. Her brothers

4. How did Lindo feel about her daughter’s achievements?
a. Jealous c. indifferent
b. feels that Waverly has not done enough d. extremely proud

5. What is the art of the invisible strength?
a. Strategy for winning arguments c. A&B
b. Strategy for winning respect from others d. None of the above

Monday, February 17, 1960
Vol XCIII, No. 311
1. The American Christmas party at the First Chinese Baptist Church, where Vincent got his chess set.
2. Waverly watched Vincent and Winston play chess during Christmas week and asked to play.
3. Waverly met Lau Po. Over the weeks, he taught her new secrets to win the game.
4. She started attending local chess tournament then advanced to winning China Chess Championship. Waverly became a national chess champion by her ninth birthday.
5. Lindo was extremely proud and showed her daughter off to everyone. Waverly was irritated and embarrassed by her mother's actions. Lindo was offended knowing that.
"Rules of the Game" is the metaphor to the rules Waverly must goes by to succeed in life. The greatest opponent in the game is her own mother, the person that set the rules. Waverly struggles to discover what the rules are and that triggers the conflict between her and her mother.
Title's Significance
"Rules of the Game"
Rules of the Game
Ch.5 Rules of the Game READING QUIZ
True / False

6. Waverly Jong’ s mother thought Americans were innovative just like Chinese people but Chinese still have the best torture.

7. Ping Yuen Fish Market sold turtles for pet only, not food.

8. Lindo named her daughter after her great grandma.

9. Waverly always enjoyed accompanying her mother on Saturday market days.

10. The Jong family went to the Christmas party held at the First Chinese Baptist Church like they always have back in China.

Discussion Question (Symbol)
1. What does Waverly's chess set represent?
Discussion Question (motivation)
2. Why did Waverly say " I closed my eyes and pondered my next move" (pg.101) ?

Discussion Questions (conflict)
3. Waverly thinks that her mother uses her as an achievement to show off to others. Do you agree with Waverly? Why or why not?

To be successful, one has to be
patient and strategic in all decisions that they make in order to gain control of their lives.
"The next week I bit back my tongue as we entered the store with the forbidden candies" (pg.89)
"I closed my eyes and pondered my next move" (pg.101)
Waverly's photo on LIFE magazine
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