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Surveillance Prezi

No description

Uriah Brown

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of Surveillance Prezi

Camera Count The number of cameras in the city of Chicago has continued to increase over the past few years.
The city has added 500 cameras under Mayor Rahm Emauel, forming a city wide total of 22,000 Cameras.
Along with the city wide total, CTA has added 1,700 cameras of their own in regards to trains, buses and public transit stations. Are they Useful? Determining the number of cameras that can help assist in the reduction of crime is hard to tell.
According to Emergency Management Executive Director Gary Schenekel, "Cameras have a tendency to lead people to believe that they're the solution for all crime and activity reporting" (Number of Chicago Security Cameras"). He also states that they are only "another tool in public safety and should not be deemed as an absolute crime stopper." The "Blue Box" In addition to Schenekel's remarks, the American Civil Liberties Union's report specifies that "cameras have contributed to less than 1 percent of arrests." Cameras in Chicago Red light Cameras I wonder how many tickets YOU have? CTA Cameras Building Cameras And the... "I got your face" Camera
(Crown Fountain) Are Having Too Many Cameras a Problem? Many people believe that the vast number of cameras violate their rights to privacy.
It is also believed that these cameras could be used for other negative causes, such as:
- Abuse for personal purposes.
- Discriminatory Targeting.
- Voyeurism, or spying on women.
- Criminal Abuse.
-Institutional Abuse Similar to George Orwell's "1984," we are never able to tell if the government is watching or recording us. In relation to the irony, there are cameras
that have the ability to identify exactly who
you are based on face recognition. This may include the distance between your
eyebrows, the size of your lips, or even the length of your nose. And there are obviously more specific
types of cameras used through out the city of Chicago today. The Solution Though cameras may be beneficial to society, there should be laws and guidelines laid down to prevent the fear of the public and even the thought that it is a violation to privacy. 1. There should be a limit placed on the number of cameras placed in certain areas and a reestablishment on whether or not certain cameras are necessary. 2. There should be new safe guards placed on cameras that remain in use.
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