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No description

Michael Brady

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of SAT

A standardized test
Given by The College Board
Required by most colleges (or ACT)
Not something to fear the... it's like...3rd or 4th! Where does the SAT fit into the college application process? so, what's
more important? Your GPA and class rank
The rigor of your courses
Your activities
Maybe your essay What is the SAT? * check with your colleges of interest for their specifics Who administers the SAT? Setting up a free account
with The College Board How is the SAT arranged? How to prepare for the SAT Tips for taking the SAT How to interpret your results Continuous improvement! 3 sections, each worth 800 points
MATH (3 parts)
READING (3 parts)
WRITING (2 parts plus an essay) 800 x 3 = 2400 total points! On the College Board website, you can get sample practice questions and full tests

You can sign up for the SAT "Question of the Day" (there's even an app for that)

You can set up your own SAT "Study Plan"

It's all FREE! The SAT loves this kind of question...
would you have said "65 kph"? All these tips are on the College Board site. You can also get tips and tricks from study guides. Correct = 1 pt.
Incorrect = -1/4 pt.
Omitted = 0 pt. Other advice to do your best...
get a good night's sleep
eat breakfast
dress in layers
turn off and stash your cell phone
take some snacks
relax on your own during breaks Each section ranges from 200 minimum to 800 maximum
Approx. 480-520 is an average score (50th percentile) in each
Essay is graded by two people on a 1-6 scale (12 points max)
Note: some schools don't count the writing section at all
Look at your scores on the website for lots of details Buy the "Question and Answer Service"($18). It gives you...
the test booklet
level of difficulty of each question
the type of question
your answer on each question
the correct answer on each question

This will help you prepare for future tries at the SAT "Superscoring"
many colleges will look at your best section scores from multiple tests
that allows you to increase your overall (composite) score without "slaying it" on any one test! Reasons to take the SAT again...
maybe you had a lousy day
maybe you had a harder test than usual
maybe you've practiced or gotten smarter
maybe you should have skipped that sleepover
"Superscoring" and "Score Choice" "Score Choice"
the College Board offers a way to only send the test scores you want to send
it's a bit tricky to use so be careful and carefully read the rules/instructions
this allows you to block what test scores get sent to a college (if you bombed a test)
most colleges allow this (but some don't) Sending your scores to colleges of interest...
you eventually need to do that
you get 4 score reports included with each SAT test (if you want to use them)
I could talk for another 30 minutes about score sending strategy - it can be a complex topic
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