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Spring 2017 Library Orientation

No description

Lauren Dubell

on 13 January 2017

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Transcript of Spring 2017 Library Orientation

Fall 2016
Library Orientation
The Concordia University Library provides students and faculty with
How can the library help me this semester?
Library services through the semester
Library workshops on Wednesday 10:30 am & 7:30 pm
Library Events
We can help you answer a lot of questions...
Why should I contact a librarian?
access to resources and services
necessary for their intellectual advancement.
Ah, the excitement of the new semester!
In Class
Library resources
Getting organized
Finding your textbooks and required readings
Getting to know Concordia
Class Reserves
Research Guides
Required and supplementary reading from your professor
Check out for a short amount of time
Behind the circulation desk
Subject specific guides
Links to databases, books, and videos for your subject/program
In Class
Library resources
Assignments are due
Group projects
Assigned readings
Start studying!
Computers and printing available
Library open on weekends and until midnight during the week
Group study rooms
For groups of 2 or more
Bring your ID to check out
Crunch time!
In Class
Library resources
Research, research, research!
Writing papers
Finding sources
Study, study, study!
Check out for 28 days, 10 items max
Check out for 14 days
Read online or download to your device
Available online, some in-library
Librarians can help with searches and finding specific articles
Journal articles
Google Scholar Tips and Tricks--September 7th
We show you how to search, cite, and save articles
"Kreating" Keywords--September 21st
A guide to breaking down your topic or thesis into searchable words and phrases for more efficient searching.
Coming up soon:
Keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter!
Concordia Irvine Library
How do I find a specific article?
Where are the books about Shakespeare?
How do I find a verse in the Bible?
What keywords should I use?
How do I find articles?
How do I use the databases?
When should I return my books?
Where is the full text of this article?
Ask us!
Help desk
Phone: 949-214-3090
Chat online
Librarians available all through the night!
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