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The importance of nuclear fission

No description

ayleen suero

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of The importance of nuclear fission

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By: Ayleen Suero The importance of nuclear fission I picked this topic because I was always interested in knowing everything and I wanted to explore other/ new renewable resources are such a bug topic in our society . And when I got this topic was glad to find out why the sun is importance to us and the planet. The benefits of fission reactors:

- Plentiful electricity
-Conservation of fossil fuels
-Reduced pollution and greenhouse gases
-Nuclear power plants make 33% of the United States electricity
-Low amounts of Green house gases are given off with nuclear power. The cons on nuclear fission I would like to thank... You all!
Ms. Alexender
Ms. Otero
Ms. Jones
:) Nuclear fission! This project will explain nuclear fission and its importance as well its benefits. Why this is an important topic? Nearly all life on Earth ultimately gets its energy from the sun, which gets *its* energy through nuclear fission. In Conclusion... -Nuclear energy can be a safe and clean way to yield electricity.
-Nuclear energy is a renewable resources can help people save energy.
Why I picked my topic? The pros on nuclear fisson -Nuclear power gives off a dangerous radio active waste.
-Nuclear plants can cause a target for terrorist attacks.
-Uraium is the energy sourse is nuclear power and is a scarce resource.
-Risk of using Pu-239 (Plutonium) for nuclear weapons. What did I learn from this experience? What I learned from this experience was that you really need to what you have to do . Stop playing around and do NOT wait until the last minute to do things that are important. Nuclear Power Today -In the USA, nuclear power generates about 20% of the electricity.
- Over 60 million people in France obtain more than 75% of electricity from nuclear power.
-15 countries rely on nuclear power for 25% or more of their electricity. I grew as a student and a person taking stuff more seriously. Also, I improved my writing skills, citing correctly, and finding more information on my topic. How did i grow as a student/ or person Cont.. -Nearly 440 nuclear reactors produce electricity around the world. The Importance of nuclear energy in the global economy. One third of humans induced greenhouse gases come from;
-burning of fossil fuels
-power vesicles
-heat homes
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