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on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Inference

A conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning

Gathering what we know (fact) and drawing logical conclusions from that (inference)
Elephants are 100 KG (22O pounds) when they are born

Their height ranges from 8.2-13 feet tall

They weigh about 5000-14000 pounds!

Therefore, I can INFER that elephants are the largest land mammals in the world.
Example 2
The holy city of Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia

It is the birth place of Mohammed, the founder of Islam

The pilgrimage to Mecca attracts millions of Muslims every year

Therefore, I can INFER that Mecca is one of the holiest, most popular places in the world for people who practice Islam.
______________ runs to grab the basketball everyday at fitness

______________ plays three sports for their school team

______________ is captain of their soccer team

Therefore I can INFER that ______________________________________
Anyone want to give it a try??
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