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Why did hitler target the Jews?

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Guy Wegienka

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Why did hitler target the Jews?

BY Guy Wegienka Why did Hitler target the Jews? The Hatred Beings The hate for Jews was more than just a hate for a group of people or a religion, its an important note that a big portion of the german population disliked Jews. To turn against the Jews it consisted of strong leaders and large populations. Jewish problems Most of the Jewish population could keep a easy life style depressions, Jews were the only people to borrow money from. How he started the Holocaust. In 1933 the nazi's began to blame the Jews for illness throughout Germany. President Paul von Hindenburg named Adolf chancellor of Germany while he was the National Socialist German Nazi Party on January 30, 1933. More Hatred Some say Hitler hated the Jews because he was denied admission too art school by a jew, his mother died from a bad jewish doctor, also he was an illegitimate child by a jewish man. Even More Hatred! Others say that he targeted the jews because he thought that the jews and other communists that lived in Germany helped defeat the Germans in WW1. Hitlers Jealousy After WW1 Germany was in a depression and "Aryans" were unable too become employed as easily as a jewish peron Political Hate There are historians that say his hatred was for political reasons. that when he formed the Nazi party that it extremely helped in wining essential support. Death Camps Nazi's built these camps with the cheapest material they could find. If you were a women or child under sixteen you were most likely going too be killed. Inside the Camps When you got to the camp you were to go right or left, women and children to one men too the other. Men were then picked through again if they were fit too work. They'd would ask your age, health, and profession. Camps Uniforms The females that would survive selection went to work and would wear dress that looked liked sacks. the males would wear uniforms similar to modern day prisoners with the exception of strips, also they would be tattooed on their right arm. Requirements in Camps Also in the concentration camps the prisoners were required too shave their heads, both men and women had to do this. Gas Chambers & Crematoriums Statistics show that the earliest crematoriums could every twenty four hours burn to ash three hundred forty jews and other prisoners. While the largest room in the crematoria would be adapted to be the first provisional gas chamber. Work Cited Wiesel, Elie."NIght"
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