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No description

Jacob Loosen

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of Unsouled

By Neal Shusterman

When: This book takes place in the near future.

Where: All around the United States of America.
Main Characters
Connor Lassiter: Leader, brave, in love
Risa Ward: Quick witted, caring, tough
Lev (Levi) Garrity: Naive, troubled, stubborn
Cam Comprix: Stuck-up, also in love, oblivious
Grace Skinner: Innocent, smarter than she seems, low-cortical
Argent Skinner: Druggie, borderline-psycho, broke
Mason Starkey: power hungry, attention seeking, selfish

The main characters are continuing to fight against Unwinding, but encounter many obstacles, including: a Parts Pirate, the Juvenile Authority, and other bottom feeders.

The type of conflicts in this book are Man
vs. Man and Man vs. Society.
Main Event 1
In a boring Nebraskan town, Connor is attacked and captured by Argent Skinner. Argent ties Connor up in his storm cellar, and Argent is convinced that they are friends. Meanwhile, Connor befriends Argent's "low cortical" sister, and she helps him escape. While escaping, Connor hits Lev with a car, and the three take refuge on an Arapache reservation.
By Neal Shusterman
Main Event 2
Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Cam is being almost worshiped by his adoring fans. Cam grows tired and angry with his repetitive life. Cam realizes that his hands came from someone who lived on the same reservation that Lev, Grace, and Connor are on.
Main Event 3
When Cam arrives on the rez, he unites with
Lev and Connor on the fight against unwinding.
They decide it is time to leave, and head to Akron,
Ohio in search of answers from an old lady named Sonia. When they find Sonia, they also find that Risa had the same idea. The entire group takes shelter in an old friend's house and all

Why you should read this book!
Action- packed; There are lots of fights
Scary; People getting cut apart is quite terrifying
Suspenseful; Will the main character get caught?!
Romantic; If you're into that stuff you'll like this one, too.
Life lessons: Don't become drunk on power, don't take advantage of things, follow your dreams, don't chop people apart
Presentation by Jacob Loosen, Hr. 8
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